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There were a TON of awesome new reveals in the latest Smash Bros Direct! Now, let’s talk about ’em! Stay Toon’d!

Watch the Full Direct HERE.

Our Take: It’s not at all surprising to see Castlevania making is Smash Bros. Debut. It’s obvious that Nintendo paying attention. The addition of Ridley makes it clear that this game is taking a lot of heavily requested characters into consideration. That goes double for the likes of Chrom, Dark Samus, and King K. Rool. But there’s also the other fairly obvious factor to note. Castlevania recently got a very successful Netflix series, which has a second season on the way, if I recall. So banking on that new popularity just makes all the marketing sense in the world.

I’m extremely stoked for all the new modes and the returning ones. Tourney Mode was something I really missed in the last game. And I did always find it a bit odd that a mode as basic as Stamina was considered “extra.” But the newest ones do look pretty awesome. Smashdown is going to be extremely fun, I’m sure. I like lockout elimination modes. And setting it up so your opponents also can’t pick whatever you recently played is a cool feature. It actually introduces a little strategy to the game as well, if you know a decent amount about the person you’re up against. You can keep them using their best characters, which is neat.

I highly doubt we’ll be getting another story mode. While Subspace Emissary was awesome, Nintendo’s still pretty bad about their interactions with the internet. And their refusal to do the story mode again basically came from them being upset at the story bits being spoiled or posted online. But something I wouldn’t be too surprised to see make a comeback would be the Adventure Mode like the one from Melee. Each game does have its own unique single-player mode. So it’s also possible it’s something completely new. I wasn’t the only one underwhelmed by Smash 4’s little party game mode. So hopefully the new mode will be something a little more involved. Time will tell!

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