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Holmes of Kyoto Episode 5 Recap | Is It Evil?

Finally, the counterfeiter has been revealed. How Evil is the 5th episode of Holmes of Kyoto?

Holmes of Kyoto
Studio: Seven
Genre: Mystery, Romance,

So after dealing with their past relationships in the last episode Holmes and Aoi go back to working on cases. Well, that would be the case but Aoi stays behind to watch the shop this time. Instead, Holmes goes on a case with the actor from before. Which, made this episode a lot more enjoyable than it should’ve been. Holmes goes out of his way to insult the guy through most of their time together and it’s funny to watch.

To make things even funnier Aoi is aware of Holms’ disgust for the guy as well but she seems to be enjoying the nature of their relationship. I think she actually likes Holmes when he is being nasty towards the guy. Anyway, the actor does need to do research on the area so he borrows Holmes.

Holmes of Kyoto

Holmes does start taking this guy seriously when the guy starts to question him about his personal life. Holmes actually tells the guy everything he wants to know. It’s almost like the whole nasty thing is a show just for when Aoi is around. Holmes is an interesting guy, I’m a little surprised that their conversation went as far as it did given Holmes’ normal feelings about the guy.

And now here comes my favorite part of this episode. So, they just had a long talk about relationships ending with Holmes stating that he’s not interested in women right now. And the actor’s response is to grab Homes by the hand and tell him he wants to buy him lunch. There’s no way that could be taken out of context by anyone walking around right?

Holmes of Kyoto

Holmes does say something snarky about this too but I have to leave a reason for you to watch the episode soo. Go watch it if you want to see what he said it’s funny, believe me.  Okay, let’s get to the actual case now.  These two came all this way to visit a temple because apparently someone stole their dragon painting. It turns out to be one of the monks and in a surprising turn of events, he also just happens to be a counterfeiter.

I think he even said he’s friends with the guy from the first episode. Right when I thought we would never see that plot point again too. Well, at least we will probally be getting more mysteries now. And we have an actaul Bad Guy now. This was also the first time that we saw Holmes get violent towards anyone. He actaully tried to hit the culprit with a folding fan.

Holmes of Kyoto

Overall I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Villian (9). While Holmes solved the case the antagonist escaped and he even stole the fan from Holmes. I’d say the villian actauly won this round. I’m looking forward to seing if this happen again. If you want to check out something else check out CVoyage’s Weekly Anime Redux articles. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

If you’re interested Holmes of Kyoto Simulcast on Mondays 2:35pm EDT

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