Galvanic Post… kinda – An Update on CVoyage’s Schedule

Eh. Overdue, but worth it.

The last Galvanic Post wasn’t too long ago and we don’t really have much new to report, so I’ll just make this one brief.

During the last one of these, I alluded to some drastic changes in my schedule for the site. I hadn’t completely ironed out the details, but I think I’ve got enough of it together that I can share some of my plans, going forward. This isn’t so much an “anime schedule,” as we now know I’m just doing a weekly recap of everything on my list. And I’ve actually had fun writing them, so far. It didn’t really feel like work, the same way it did to crank out an individual review for every new episode or two.

I’m starting to enjoy doing this, again. Cool.

This new schedule is more of a general thing. One that encompasses everything I intend to start putting up on the site.

The first, and most obvious, is the anime roundup. I’m separating it from Flash Anime-tion, into a new series by the name of Weekly Anime Redux. Meanwhile, Flash Anime-tion will be reserved for In-Depth Episode/Series reviews and Anime-based editorials pieces. Weekly Anime Redux will be posted every Sunday. Meanwhile, Editorials and Lists will be on Fridays. And the In-Depth reviews will be on Saturdays. Mind you, none of those things will occur every week. You can maybe expect one In-Depth Series review per month (they take a while to make). The other things are just sort of on an “as I come up with them” basis, for the time being. Better not to force those things.

Another thing I’m somewhat interested in trying is Manga reviews. If I do that, they’d be on Mondays (because I like alliteration, in case you couldn’t tell). Not sure how I’d handle it just yet. May not necessarily bother with a cut-off date and just review things as I read them, new or not. I could maybe try Edens Zero to start as a test or something. If nothing else, it’d give me an excuse to start reading more, because my list is criminally small, at the moment. Basically just the aforementioned Edens ZeroFire Force, Magi, A Certain Magical Index, and Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. Le’me know if you’d be interested in me covering any of those.

Anyway, that’s all the writing stuff. But there’s still more, of course. So let’s talk Bulletoon. For anyone unaware, Bulletoon has always been a bit… stress-inducing. The editing process is tedious and often mired with complications. Another thing to note is that, on average, I got the lines late Friday night. Meaning I generally had to burn through the moonlight hours to have it ready on Saturday morning or forego Saturday morning altogether. Which has been the case, of late. But, in case this last week’s offering didn’t tip you off, we’re in the process of testing some scheduling stuff.

Specifically, I’m working on ways to break the show down and release it over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Some real-life scheduling stuff won’t let us get back to testing until next week. But when it does, we’re gonna work on releasing one segment a day over those three days. Each one talking specifically about one story and quickly breezing over others at the end or something. It’s unlikely they’ll be longer than 5 or 6 minutes a piece, barring special episodes like Mini’s or the Convention Season features, which will still be aimed at Saturdays (today, for example). It makes the editing process quicker and less stressful, also probably producing something that’s easier to digest as a viewer. Plus, and this has always been a big thing about the show, it gets rid of cross-information.

At long last. Rest.

There’s some other stuff we’re planning to experiment with on Bulletoon as well, but they’re still a ways off, so hang tight.

The last addition to the schedule would be the Overwatch content. Basically, I’m going to be posting Reels, Gameplay Breakdowns, and just fun matches I’d recorded. And that will take place on Thursdays, maybe once or twice a month. With that in mind, Wednesdays and Tuesdays are empty for yours truly, at least for the time being. Once I get myself sorted, we may do a weekly Twitch stream on Wednesdays or something. We’ll see. So, just as a quick recap…

Mondays – Manga Reviews (maybe)
Tuesdays – Chris gets a break
Wednesdays – Twitch Streams (eventually)
Thursdays – Overwatch videos, (Monthly or Bi-Weekly)
Fridays – Bulletoon Weekend, Flash Anime-tion Lists/Editorials
Saturdays – Bulletoon Weekend, Flash Anime-tion In-Depth Reviews
Sundays – Bulletoon Weekend, Weekly Anime Redux

And that’s it. Everything regarding my personal schedule. We’ll see how it holds, for the time being. Mind you, this is all while working on other creative projects, behind the scenes, and holding down a job. Stuff happens, but I’ll try keeping to this one as best I can. As always, thanks for reading, folks. Keep up the Awesome!

Take Care,
C. Voyage

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