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Angels of Death Episode 5 Recap | Is It Evil?

Zack’s past is finally revealed but why does Ray know how to blow stuff up? How evil is the 5th episode of Angels of Death?

Angels of Death
Studio: J.C. Staff
Genre: Mystery, Horror,

Last week Ray and Zack got trapped in a gas chamber with little hope of getting out alive. This episode started off with Ray not looking too good even in her weakened condition she was able to find an open air duct, of course, the mask got broken when Zack threw her up to it but their time was almost out anyway. While in the duct Ray was able to find the one thing that would set them free, a card key.

There’s just one problem with that though. Zack is not exactly the kind that is good with technology or fragile things for that matter. Zack takes the key from Ray who is feeling the effects of the poison a lot more than he is and then he tries to use it. Now I know he’s not the most careful person in the world but what happened to the key card is a little on the crazy side.

Angels of Death

With the card bent, the allotted time runs out triggering the release of an even stronger gas. This should spell the end of our heroes but Ray thinks up an even more dangerous plan. Ray comes up with the idea to blow the door off its hinges using an improvised explosive device. Seriously, who is this girl?

With the way blown open the duo decide to rest out of the view of their captor. This is the first time we see a flashback from Zack’s life in the orphanage and it’s screwed up. Speaking of things that are screwed up the next room of judgment has Ray and Zack playing with a dollhouse based on Zack’s past.

Angels of Death

Surprisingly, we learned that Zack has a surprising amount of self-control because of this little test.  As soon as he realized what was actually happening he wanted to destroy the dollhouse but the fact that they needed to play along to escape stopped him from doing it. Well, until the puzzle was solved, then he destroyed it with a single swing.  With all of his suppressed memories being forced to the surface Zack is understandably annoyed. He is even getting a bit more snippy with Ray.

In the next room, they find two needles filled with strange colored liquid one’s gold while the other is green. Cathy appears in the flesh this time to explain the rules for this next judgment. One of the needles is full of vitamins while the other is filled with dangerous drugs. Both needles need to be injected before they can move on. Zack not wanting to take a chance of Ray getting drugged injects both needles into himself.

Angels of Death

If you can guess that mixture is not the best thing for Zack. He’s already unstable and now he’s on drugs that appear to make him even more aggressive. I think he might be the next judgment. Overall I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Politician (7). I still don’t think this should be considered a horror show. Yes, the things happening are terrible but it takes more than that to be in the horror genre. This show still comes across more like a dark comedy to me or maybe not even that. Maybe that’s the problem? The show doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be?

I don’t know yet. Maybe this show will evolve as it goes on but I have a feeling it will never reach the level of horror it could’ve had. If you want a break from this gloomy whatever it is. Check out  CVoyage’s anime week reviews. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Angels of Death Simulcast on Fridays 9:00am EDT

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4 thoughts on “Angels of Death Episode 5 Recap | Is It Evil?

  1. Karandi

    I kind of gave up on this show last week, though one of the comments left on that post claimed this is supposed to be a character drama and not a horror. Given the first four episodes I don’t much buy that either given none of the characters are interesting enough at this point to really pull off a character piece. So I agree, I don’t think the show knows what it wants to be and it is leaving the audience feeling something is lacking though what that something is could be anything at this point.

    1. theevilbob

      Yeah, I agree. I’ll still cover it but I’m not expecting it to be anything other than a meh show.

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