What if Marvel Brought Back the “What If” Books? Wait, They ARE?! | Bulletoon Weekly

An adored Marvel tradition is making a comeback! Welcome the return of Marvel’s super creative “What If?” titles!

Our Thoughts: There isn’t much to say, here. The Marvel What If? books are an awesome part of the company’s history. And the revivals just about always net some really interesting ideas. Some of them have even gone on to be adapted into the canon universe. For example, Jane Foster getting Thor’s hammer? Done first in a What If? book, years before it actually became a thing.

The one misgiving one could have is that both Marvel Team-Up and Marvel What If? kind of wound up becoming engines for Spider-Man, in a way. It was obviously a marketing thing, in the case of Team-Up. Spider-Man is their most popular character (yes, even now) and Marvel knew that. So to boost the popularity of other characters, Marvel would have them appear in Team-Up’s with Spidey. Less excusable for the Marvel What If? books, though. And it’s even apparent here, where two of the new books have a Spider-Man slant to them. We’ll see what winds up happening. Either way, this is exciting stuff!


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One thought on “What if Marvel Brought Back the “What If” Books? Wait, They ARE?! | Bulletoon Weekly

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