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The latest hero in Overwatch is an adorable hamster! …in a two-ton mech suit. Well. Okay, then.

Our Thoughts: Hammond is definitely making quite the splash, though it’ll be difficult to tell exactly how much of an impact he’ll have, right away. When a new hero comes to the game, the first few days are always filled with games of people rushing to choose them, and often refusing to swap off of them, even when what they’re doing is clearly not working. And while that’s a fair way to gauge some of a character’s weaknesses, it’s essentially a week of nothing but thrown games unless the remaining 5 players on the team can clutch out the win despite this handicap to the enemy. That said, there’s also no way to determine his impact on Competitive because new heroes are barred from being chosen in Competitive for the first 2 weeks of their life.

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