The Nickelodeon Revivals Keep Coming! This Time it’s Rugrats! | Bulletoon Weekly

The Rugrats are coming back to both the big and small screens! But will this Nicktoon revival be as much of a success as some of the others have been?

Our Thoughts: As is mentioned in the video, animation is always going through cycles. On average, a new style comes around about once a decade. That much is perfectly fine. I personally prefer cartoons with a distinct style, however. I do generally find that’s one of the things that sets Western animation apart from Eastern. While Eastern, by no means, all looks the same, the variety is a lot less apparent, generally speaking. I like my western animation to stand out. Most of my favorite shows are very visually distinct in one way or another. And the latest styles (for the most part) seem a bit over-simplistic in my eyes. The Thundercats Roar thing, for example. Not a fan of how that looks. Especially not after the awesome Thundercats reboot from a few years back.

That being said, the Nickelodeon revivals are actually in a bit of a unique place. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles notwithstanding (it’s not a Nickelodeon original), Nicktoons have a style that’s all their own. And the revivals haven’t really done much in the way of changing the style. Things are a lot more crisp, certainly, but still have that distinct “Nicktoons” look. Hey Arnold!, Rocco’s Modern Life, Invader Zim, all revivals that basically look no different, save for smoother animation enabled by the technology of a new era. So I’m actually pretty optimistic about this one.

Rugrats revival on the way
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