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Chio’s School Road Episode 4 Recap | Is It Evil?

Chio is a lot more clever than I thought she was. How Evil is the fourth episode of Chio’s School Road?

Chio’s School Road
Studio: diomedea
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life,

This episode is pretty tame compared to the last one. The funny part about that is the first part revolved around a cigarette, no not smoking just a used cigarette that Chio picked up after it had been thrown out of a car. To be honest I was relieved it tamed down for this episode we kind of needed a break from the complete madness. Chio and Manana just possed using the cigarette as a prop before heading off to school.

When they got to school the cigarette was sniffed out instantly by the teacher guarding the entrance and confiscated. When questioned about why she had a cigarette Chio simply told the truth. The teacher automatically believed her too. Chio even tried to convince him that she can be a bad girl only to be laughed at by the people around her. I wished her original intentions of throwing the cigarette at the person who threw it worked. I’m just curious how this part would’ve ended if it had.

Chio’s School Road

The next part of the episode starts off with a bet placed by Manana. If you’ve seen this show you know that Manana’s obviously up to something. She doesn’t do anything unless she thinks she can win. This turns out to be the case here too. The bet? Manana bets they won’t be able to find anyone that will say their job is fun.

And the first person they run into is a paperboy. Yeah, Chio should be out 100 yen, right? Wrong. It just so happens that this paperboy is the motorcycle gang member that Chio has already met. Talk about a small world.

Chio’s School Road

While trying to keep the guy from spilling the beans on Bloody Butterfly Chio volunteers herself and Manana to help him finish his now late route. This goes a lot worse than it should’ve. Chio and Manana get treated badly by the people getting their papers late so much so that it could be called harsh.

During the last delivery, the target is outside of his home ready to give the paperboy a piece of his mind. Chio decides to take the Splinter Cell option seeking up to the door and delivering the paper unnoticed. She doesn’t stop there either, she gets the paperboy to admit that his job is fun. Time to pay up Manana.

Chio’s School Road

Overall I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Super Villian (10). Nothing to complain about in this episode and even though I didn’t find it as funny it was just as enjoyable to me. If comedy isn’t your thing check out my Angels of Death recaps. It’s a little on the darker side but it isn’t bad. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Chio’s School Road Simulcast on Fridays 10:30am EDT

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