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The Joker is one of the most mysterious characters in comics. And it looks like DC’s decided to do away with all that by telling us his origin in an upcoming standalone movie.

Our Thoughts: We’re not particularly opposed to a movie about the Joker, be it an Origin movie or otherwise. Riley is correct in that no origin would be satisfying. But if it were treated as a possible origin instead of something definitive, it could work just fine. All evidence suggests that that is the angle they’re taking. It’s a standalone “Elseworlds” sort of thing and that’s perfectly suitable. And, honestly, anything is better than that mess we got in Suicide Squad.

There’s not much to speculate about. Because of the nature of the character, it’s not likely that casting announcements will trigger much in the way of theories regarding who’ll be in the film. At least not in the same way a casting announcement might lead to speculation in something like a Justice League movie. All existing theories come from rumors and leaks. Because no one knows Joker’s past for certain, actors can’t really be connected to widely known characters. So that’s certainly one benefit in going into this film. Audiences have absolutely no way of knowing what to expect.

The most famous comic book rendition of The Joker’s origin is probably what I’ll call the “Red Hood” version. This is primarily because of the famous Under the Red Hood storyline in the Batman mythos, where Jason Todd took up the mantle of the character after returning from the dead. Technically this origin predates that storyline. In that version of the character’s origin, he was a failing comedian who got wrapped up in some a gang operation where they stuck him in a costume and called him “The Red Hood.” They wound up in the Ace Chemical Plant, where Batman showed up and the Red Hood fell into a vat of acid, bleaching his skin and driving pushing him just that one step too far where it drove him completely insane.

That origin is just extremely unlikely to be represented in the film. Frankly, Batman isn’t likely to appear in the film at all. So I’m curious to see if they decide to take a completely new route, telling a story that’s uniquely theirs. I’d personally like it if, in the movie, they actually pulled something that references the notion that the entire thing could just be one of Joker’s stories and we don’t know for certain if he’s telling the truth or not. It’s one of those unique situations where the “it was all a dream” thing would work because, again, not knowing is the point. It wouldn’t ultimately be ruining anything. So. What do you think? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you next time.

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