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Holmes of Kyoto Episodes 3 Recap| Is It Evil?

That was kind of an easy one. How Evil is the third episode of Holmes of Kyoto?

Holmes of Kyoto
Studio: Seven
Genre: Mystery, Romance,

After the last episode, I was hoping the mysteries would become more difficult to figure out but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this show. It seems like the best reason I have to watch this show is to see how fast Homes will solve the case. That’s not a bad thing and this is still the third episode so there’s always a chance that will change but I’m okay with this formula so far.

This episode started off with Holmes and Aoi going on a leisurely trip to the mountains. Well, it was supposed to be. But Holmes’s grandfather asked the duo to run an errand to a dead friends house to help sort out some business. Holmes was ready to turn down the errand but Aoi said she didn’t mind so I guess it’s okay.

Holmes of Kyoto

Anyway, It seems that Holmes had planned on this alone time to help cheer Aoi up. He’s noticed that she isn’t exactly herself lately and deduced that she could use a pick me up. Holmes is surprisingly kind to when he wants to be. After they discuss what has made Aoi not herself, he’s told that she is hesitant about confronting her ex and best friend about the relationship they have now. Homes then reveals that he has suffered the same exact thing and that he got over it be leaving it to destiny. God, they’re shipping these two so hard.

Let’s just get on to that errand. The errand itself turns out to be a case revolving around the inheritance left for the family of a writer. Turns out there are five possible suspects and four of those are related by blood the last one is the secretary for the deceased. It doesn’t seem like an easy case t first but there are clues in the very animation that make it obvious what is going on.

Holmes of Kyoto

Holmes figures it out quickly but he needs evidence to support what he knows so he questions everyone in the room. The case its self is to figure out who burned three worthless art scrolls everything else involving wealth has already be handled. So, instead of the usual monetary reasons, Holmes has to search for a deeper meaning for the scrolls themselves. After figuring out the exact images of the scrolls he deciphers the personal meaning behind each of them revealing that the mother burned them out of jealousy.

Holmes leaves without revealing the last one or at least he tries to. The elder sons stop him wishing to hear what their younger brother’s scroll meant. As it turns out the younger brother is the son of the secretary and his scroll meant that the dead writer knew about the affair from the start. When Holmes is asked when he released that he tells them when he first met all of them. Apparently, it was the ears.

Holmes of Kyoto

Overall I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Killer Robot Army (8). Nothing here to really complain about. The mysteries themselves aren’t that great but the way Holmes solves them is entertaining at least. If this one doesn’t fit your taste check out CVoyage’s Anime Week reviews. There’s sure to be something you might like in those. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

If you’re interested Holmes of Kyoto Simulcast on Mondays 2:35pm EDT

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  1. Karandi

    Maybe its because I’ve been watching these episodes after work but I found particularly episode three was a lot of talking and given the mystery itself isn’t really a mystery, while it is relaxing enough to listen to it isn’t terribly exciting or interesting.

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