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Hakyu Hoshin Engi – Episodes 20 – 21 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Okay, that is just stupid. How Evil are the 20th and 21st episodes of Hakyu Hoshin Engi?

Hakyu Hoshin Engi
Studio: C-Station
Genre: Adventure

I take back everything I said about this series starting to make sense. Also while I’m at it I’ll also take back the part of me being glad they didn’t make Fugen die a pointless death. Yeap they made me eat my words twice this time. Okay, first things first I gotta talk about the signpost of history. You know the one thing that got mentioned that one time?

Turns out the History Channel was right about Ancient Aliens. The signpost is one. Apparently, an alien race came to wherever this show takes place to make a new home for themselves. The signpost has destroyed the planet multiple times to remake this word in the image of her old one. On top of that, she has orchestrated everything up until now. And somehow all of that ties into Daki.

Hakyu Hoshin Engi

Now that the alien is out of the way back to the battle to save the world from the puppets of the aliens. Right after Taikoubou lost those two allies Fugen relayed orders to the remaining 8 but he didn’t do it fast enough and Bunchuu turns another one of them into jelly.

Taikoubou gives the order to attack all at one but Fugen tells the allies to attack one at a time reducing their remaining allies to jelly as well. Fugen did have a plan though, It’s a stupid plan but he did it anyway. While the others were being destroyed Fugen made his way up close to Bunchuu and self-destructed. That would’ve been a great sacrifice if Bunchuu didn’t just shrug it off.

Hakyu Hoshin Engi

Bunchuu decides not to look for Taikoubou instead he goes after Taikoubou’s boss instead. Taikoubou tries to follow but the old man has put up a protective barrier because unlike some characters in this show he knows something bad’s about to go down. The fight starts off pretty one-sided. The old man can control gravity so Bunchuu is mostly powerless against him.

But, through sheer force of will Bunchuu begins to fight gravity’s effects. The causes the old man to use his weapons full power trapping Bunchuu inside of a black hole. That should make Bunchuu the loser right? Wrong. Bunchuu just uses his whip to destroy a black hole. I’m pretty sure that is supposed to be impossible but it’s Bunchuu so he needs to be the final boss.

HAKYU 21 4

Overall I’d say these episodes are about as evil as The Dark Side (6). While the action is pretty outrageous it’s hard to enjoy something that keeps becoming harder and harder to follow. The last episode is coming soon I may end up covering it early. If you want to check out something else why don’t you give out reviews for Cardcaptor Sakura a try? It just ended so now might be a good time to catch up. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Hakyu Hoshin Engi is Simulcast on Crunchyroll, Fridays at 10:15am EST.

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