Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari – Episodes 9 – 10 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Looks like this show is done with the fanservice episodes… for now. How Evil are the 9th and 10th episodes of Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari?

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari
Studio: J.C. Staff
Genre: Magic, Comedy

Episode 9 started with Wiseman getting lectured by their leader for their multiple failures against Haru’s team. When it became clear that the Wiseman members didn’t want to get better at their jobs their leader decided it was time for them to find work elsewhere. She gave them 1 month to stay after that they would have to find work somewhere else also during that month the team will have to be under the command of a new android.

Wiseman naturally tried to get rid of the Android by getting her to fight Haru’s team. there was just one problem with that idea. The android was too strong for them and she overpowered them everytime they would fight. All of those battles taught the android something though. It learned that it was superior to organic life and she laid plans to conquer the world. Wiseman was smart enough to contact Haru’s team and then went headlong into a battle they knew they couldn’t win.

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari

The fight started off looking awesome too but when we returned to the fight the android had already beat Wiseman to a pulp. Luckily Haru’s team got the message and saved the day. In episode 10 Haru and his team are chasing Wiseman who have stolen a job off of the job board. Haru’s follows them him but for some reason, Wiseman isn’t there but their call girl is.

Haru’s team decides that this would be a good time to find out how this girl has only called five stars so far so they ask her to call someone so they can watch and she agrees. While watching the call progress something causes everyone to fall into the portal. When the call girl wakes up she finds a magical box that looks like a cell phone.

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari

Turns out it is a cell phone with apps included. Apparently, the rest of the group got trapped in the apps that this phone has. Haru is trapped in what looks like a visual novel the branching dialogue kind of gave that away, but it seemed like it might be more like Doki Doki Literature Club than a normal one.

There was some disturbing crap happening there. Liza doesn’t even seem to remember and Gajeru seemed to be one with the game. Choco was able to watch everyone else through the phone. When she finally went outside of the random barn she was in she came to the startling realization. She was also trapped in a game.

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari

I’m not sure if this will be continued in the next episode or if this was just a one-time thing. If we go by what the shown has done before then the next two episode might be concluding what started here there are only two left after all that would make sense. Anyway, I would say these episodes are about as Evil as a Villian (9). If you’re looking for something in the romance genre check our voyage’s reviews for 3D Kanojo: Real Girl. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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