E3 2018 | Sony Reveals Insomniac’s New Spiderman Game

Spidey is back! and this time he has that new Batman flavor.

The combat does seem to be a more stylised version of what has been shown in the Batman Arkham series.  And it there will be an open world to explore too. Also, like the Batman games, it seems there will be some sort of power progression and the ability to change what Spidey is wearing means that this will be a very personal adventure for the player.

This demonstration also showed off some of the villains. We got Rhino, Scorpion, and Vulture just to name a few. The web-slinging also looked very flushed out and flued. Not once did the person playing the game crash into a random obstacle. Of course, they practiced it but it didn’t seem like the web-slinging it’s self-was a chore. The game doesn’t release until September so it’s likely more information will surface before then.

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