E3 2018 | Nintendo Reveals Fire Emblem Three Houses

Surprising no one with the reveal Nintendo premiered their new Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Not much was said about the game but there was some footage shown that has some interesting implications of possible gameplay mechanics. But before all of that, the name implies that there might be three different factions this time around. Which means they might be taking some notes from Fire Emblem Fates when it comes to player choices.

Now time for the more exciting things. In the video, it looks like each character commands their own squad in combat. This is possibly the biggest addition to the series if that’s the case. It even looked like the player can change the formation of their squads to match the situation they are in. If this series is going into controlling¬†armies through commanders the loss of one commander in a match would change everything especially with permadeath on. The game comes out Spring 2019 so most likely more information will be coming soon.

2 thoughts on “E3 2018 | Nintendo Reveals Fire Emblem Three Houses

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