E3 2018 | Ubisoft Unveils More For Honor

The realistic combat of For Honor is getting some additions.

Three years after the original release For Honor is getting more single player content, a new faction, and a new mode. The new faction the Wu Lin look very Chinese in appearance even a few of their soldiers had ornate armor. It looked like some of them had gold played in their helmets and chest plates. They didn’t get into details of what the single player addition might be, but judging by the past it will most likely be a campaign addition.

The new 4V4 sounds pretty good. The attacking team has to kill the defender’s king without losing all their lives to win. While the defenders try to stop the regicide from taking place. Apparently, it takes longer to play than any of the other modes. With all of this content coming this October For Honor fans should have plenty to do.

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