E3 2018 | Microsoft Reveals New Battletoads

Talk about a blast from the past, Battletoads is back.

After 24 years the Battletoads are back. This time they will be in glorious 4k with 2.5D graphics. If it’s anything like the original games it should be a faced paced beat-em-up with quirky humor. And just maybe a tunnel that can only be conquered by becoming a god with the jump button, good times good times. Anyway here’s the announcement trailer.


It’s refreshing to see an older series being revived even if it’s an Xbox exclusive, another generation gets to experience this series. It’s even going to be hand drawn and that not something you see in a whole lot of games and it seems like it might be a perfect fit for this series. Hopefully, this pans out for them, if it does maybe more of these forgotten gems can come back from the dead. Battletoads will leap into retail in 2019.

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