E3 2018 | Bethesda Unleashes Fallout 76

Well, Bethesda just blew their competition out of the water.

The moment that fans of the Fallout series had been waiting for exploded onto the scene with a great trailer and gameplay footage. The gameplay seemed to be similar to Fallout 4 with a vast open world to explore and tons of things that want to kill you. Only this time other players can be hunting you as well. There also seems to be a party system in play that can hold at least 4 players on your roster. There was no mention of a clan system or anything which is fine because this isn’t an MMO.

It gets even better. Bethesda has committed itself to letting the players decide what kind of person they will be in game and no, not just cosmetics or story choices this time. This time if you want to nuke other players you can do it. All over the map, there are hidden nuke silos with hidden codes locking them down. Just acquire the codes and your neighbor can kiss their house goodbye. The game is set to release this November so the wait won’t be a long one.

One thought on “E3 2018 | Bethesda Unleashes Fallout 76

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