E3 2018 | XBoxE3 reveals Just Cause 4 Trailer + Release Date

One needn’t be an XBox fan to appreciate this.

Just Cause 4 was leaked just last week. But that didn’t diminish the official reveal at this year’s XBoxE3 conference.

The trailer saw the return of Rico and the rise of a new threat in the form of “The Black Hand.” The trailer makes a note of pointing out that things are subject to change. But it appears as if this new game will feature quite a few additions, including maybe a weather system. Of course, it’s also possible this was something included in the trailer just to look cool, and may even be a single scene in the game, rather than anything related to gameplay.

Another thing to note is the lack of a jetpack. Just Cause 3 featured a lot of DLC, including an expansion that gave Rico a jetpack. But it seems here things are back to just the grappling hook and glider suit. The expansion also included a demi-sentient AI aboard a helecarrier-like flying fortress. So there’s reason to believe that it, in all its silliness, isn’t going to be considered canon. Either way, fans will have to find out when Just Cause 4 releases on December 4.

One thought on “E3 2018 | XBoxE3 reveals Just Cause 4 Trailer + Release Date

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