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E3 2018 | XBoxE3 reveals Jump Force trailer

There were plenty of world premieres at Microsoft’s XBox conference during this year’s E3. But this one was quite the surprise.

Yup. So this is a thing. A crossover game of some of Shonen Jump’s biggest heroes. The trailer didn’t include any gameplay, naturally. It was entirely cinematic. But it did show off the premise rather effectively in gloriously flashy, actiony fashion. After some buildup, it saw the likes of Frieza taking on Naruto, Monkey D. Luffy, and Goku.

Ignoring how much sense that doesn’t make because it’s unbelievably awesome, the trailer also delivered another little surprise. Light Yagami of Death Note closes out the whole thing, standing on a rooftop beside his shinigami partner, Ryuk.


The brawler will likely feature several other popular Shonen Jump characters. It’s not likely it’ll see the likes of newer faces from things like Boruto, Black Clover or My Hero Academia, but Shonen Jump has a large body of work to pull from. Things like Hunter x Hunter, Medaka Box, One-Punch Man, the list goes on quite a ways. Only time will tell. Jump Force releases in 2019.

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