E3 2018 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

E3 2018 | Respawn Reveals Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Well, that was unexpected but not totally unwanted.

Respawn revealed that they are working on a new Star Wars game that is set during the “dark times” placing it after episode 3 but before episode 4. Apparently, the protagonist will be a survivor of Order 66 and it seems like they will be on the run from the empire. That’s about all that was said about the game. Nothing was said about it being single player or multiplayer but with Respawn working on the game, it’s likely to have some form of multiplayer vs or coop.

If Titanfall 2 is any indication the game may include multiple ways to play with and against friends. Right now the game sounds like it might fall into the horror category. Being hunted by the Empire sounds terrifying especially when Vader is brought into the equation. It’s something we haven’t seen in a Star Wars game but there is a glimpse of what that may look like in Rouge One. The game is set to release during the holiday season in 2019, which means there’s a long time before any more information may be available.

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