E3 2018 | EA Brings Anthem Gameplay + A Trailer

One year after the game’s reveal at E3 2017, Anthem is back for E3 2018. And this time it has a trailer.

EA’s conference left a decent amount to be unpacked about BioWare’s latest IP. During the Anthem portion of the day, many questions were answered surrounding the game. Many of them in Q&A format. But before that, fans were shown a cinematic trailer to help set the scene and capture their imagination.

The trailer is vague, revealing little about the plot or overall setup of the game. Luckily, the discussion portion of the day had some details covered. One question brought up revolved around the multiplayer aspect of the game. Whether it would be like Destiny in taking the MMO route. The wording was vague, but the developers implied that this wouldn’t be the case.

There were also understandably questions about loot boxes and season passes. While there will be microtransactions for aesthetics in the game, the devs confirmed that there would be no loot boxes or anything similar, much to the relief of the viewing crowd. The game will only be charging for some cosmetic options as well, rather than linking progression to microtransactions. This also proved something of a relief to fans as BioWare games have traditionally provided no shortage of options for character customization. Thus the concerns of fans wanting to know more about that aspect are well founded.

Following this, there was a fairly brief gameplay segment. A few details were given regarding the overall gameplay setup. Players take the reins of Freelancers, fighting against a hostile world in suits called Javelins. They’ll have access to four character classes – Ranger, Interceptor, Storm, and Colossus. Each has their own unique playstyle and the like. Meanwhile, players will also be given options to alter the balance of gameplay and story, likely in the same way provided by recent BioWare games.

Overall, there wasn’t much information revealed. But just enough to build on the anticipation. Anthem releases on February 22, 2019.

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