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…Iroha. You know not to go to Ishino for advice. Come on.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl
Studio: Hoods Entertainment
Genre: Shoujo, Romance, School

Well, that wound up going more or less exactly how one expects. Though it is actually kind of interesting in its ability to actively address what it’s doing. Because we’re all aware of it, by now. Iroha being jealous of Ayado (kind of?) is interesting in that she knows she’s being unreasonable and unhealthy levels of possessive. But she can’t help but feel bad anyway. I even like her bringing up that the reason she fell in love with Tsutsui was the same kindness that led Ayado to like him. So she completely understands.

However, I do think this arc could’ve been handled ever so slightly differently. I’ll have to wait for it to actually end in order to make a full judgment, of course. But I think the admission of Iroha’s guilt paralleling with what Tsutsui felt earlier in the series could have been played with a little. It was very vaguely hinted at and would have been much more compelling if they went at it from that angle. I’d have liked the problem to actually come down to Iroha feeling bad for having ever gotten jealous. Rather than her storming off out of jealousy. It’d have been an incredibly subtle change that could ultimately help differentiate the story from many of its peers.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl

“Um… what about-?” Yes, yes. I’m getting around to you.

Another thing that comes to mind to bring up is the development of Ito’s crush on Ayado. I don’t particularly have problems with a series trying to pair off all the characters. I do, however, mind when it seems hamfisted and poorly executed. This is one case where we’re seeing flashes of really nice writing, showing now how Ito deals with the same pressures that Tsutsui initially felt. I liked that bit of reflection out of him. But the complication that Ayado obviously likes his best friend makes things harder for him. The writing around that whole thing is remarkably unsubtle but not at all poorly done. How they wind up pulling this together will be interesting. Especially after seeing him stand up for Ayado against that jerk from a couple episodes ago who framed Tsutsui.

Oh. Right. Him. They’re kind of friends now? He’s still an arrogant arse. Ishino is obviously enamored with him. But is actually quite amusingly shut down completely. I dunno if they wind up becoming an actual thing, per the source material. But I’ll be more than happy if they don’t, honestly. They’re objectively minor and there wouldn’t be enough time left, at this point, to do anything with them that isn’t exceptionally forced.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl

Speaking of Ishino, though, she continues her streak of absolutely terrible advice and poor judgment. She certainly means well. But that doesn’t exactly rectify the issue. And, as such, I still find myself wondering why Iroha, who knows Ishino is bad at this, would go to her. I suppose there is the angle of Ishino being her only non-Tsutsui friend. Actually, that is a pretty interesting thing to think about. But they don’t do a terrible lot with that angle. It’s vaguely brought up, but not really explored much. Even so, one thing about Ishino does remain pretty solidly likable, which is her loyalty (hell, at times absolute devotion) to Iroha. Theirs is a strange friendship. Iroha probably grounds her a bit. Keeps her in check and all that. Ishino’s a mess, but then… all of these guys are. So she fits right in, in her own unique way that keeps her from being a bother.

Tsutsui had a relatively quiet few episodes, actually. He does things, but nothing we haven’t seen from him thus far. Being insecure about his position, trying to do things to make up for his (perceived) failings, the list goes on. I find it a bit disturbing just how much the boy is punished for being nice. But it was good seeing him actually defending himself when Iroha brought up her jealousy to him. And what reason would she have to disbelieve him? By her own admission, he was nice to everyone. It only makes sense that he be nice to Ayado as well. But I do like how, more and more, we’re getting to see him really taking the initiative in this relationship, getting better at reading her, and so-on. Taking that bit to meet her on their day off, for example, was sweet.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl

Overall, these episodes were Easy Viewing. Nothing glaringly wrong with them, in context. Perhaps leaning pretty heavily on melodrama, towards the end. But the episodes did their job competently in setting it up. If you’re interested in something more engaging and arguably just as dramatic but for completely different reasons, go check out My Hero Academia. In fact, go check it out regardless. Seriously. It’s awesome.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl streams on HiDive. That’s all I’ve got for ya here. As always, thanks for reading, folks. Keep up the awesome.

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