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Hakyu Hoshin Engi – Episodes 16 – 17 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Things seem to be moving a lot faster now. How evil are the 16th and 17th episodes of Hakyu Hoshin Engi?

Hakyu Hoshin Engi
Studio: C-Station
Genre: Adventure

So, the bat guy has a thing for Youzen and that never got explained at all. We got some pointless information about the past but nothing explained exactly why he wanted to do this to Youzen in the first place. But whatever. This episode started with Youzen waking up after being taken away by the bat guy in the last episode.

Why did he spare Youzen? He wanted to make Youzen kill his own father. And in case you’re wondering, no that didn’t answer the question. I can’t figure out why the bat guy is doing this, to begin with. Look. I know Daki somewhat controls him but he was enjoying his work to the point were it felt personal somehow. It doesn’t really matter anymore now. Youzen snapped his father out long enough for the bat guy to die.

Hakyu Hoshin Engi

That’s right, I’m the strongest Yokai.

That was all that really happened in episode 16. Episode 17 went a different direction than what I thought it would. Taikoubou’s master plan is starting to actually work. The parasites from before didn’t die with the bat guy like they originally thought but Taikoubou’s plan destroyed them so everything is good now.

We also got a lot more from Fugen, this episode. We got more of the flashback from before and then Fugen drugged Taikoubou and sent him away from the battlefield so he and Bunchuu can try and talk this out. Yes, Fugen tries talking to Bunchuu rather than attacking him head-on. Also, it’s highly implied that Fugen is planning on sacrificing himself to save Taikoubou.

Hakyu Hoshin Engi

Surprisingly enough, Bunchuu agrees to talk to Fugen. It’s surprising because up to this point neither side has shown much interest in trying to talk anything out, at all. Also, this was all to delay Bunchuu until backup arrived, which is also something new. I do like that Bunchuu did allow the talk to even happen.

That didn’t end well for Fugen. Bunchuu listened to everything he had to say and then acted like the one-track kind of guy he’s been since this all began. We did get to learn more about his motives, which boils down to his loyalty to the kingdom of Yin. But he wants to destroy both sides involved in this conflict to protect his dying kingdom.

Hakyu Hoshin Engi

That one left us with a cliffhanger. Overall I’d say these episodes are about as Evil as a Politician (7). At least it hasn’t gotten more confusing. If you want to watch something else you can always check out CVoyage’s reviews for Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii. It’s an adorably awkward show about two couples. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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