Galvanic Post – Hey! Another Site Update On Time!

Greetings Geeks!

That’s right, this time the monthly site update is actually coming a month after the last one! So, let’s get right to it.


Nothing’s really changed in this department. Like I said last time, everything we (meaning I) have been working on is a slow process. You likely won’t be seeing much of the completely new stuff for a while. That said, there has been movement in some of the other areas. Overwatch, for example.

Overwatch Widowmaker

I’ve mentioned that our streaming of Overwatch has had to go on the backburner. And that hasn’t changed. Buuut, as it turns out, we may be able to produce some of those edited Overwatch videos relatively soon. I’ve actually got a couple videos edited together and ready to go. And I may record a few matches from the current competitive season and events. Though all the competitive season will really consist of is me losing rank in games where no one communicates and everyone refuses to work together, only complaining about how OP Brigitte is (she isn’t). Anyway, I expect we’ll be seeing Overwatch content sometime soon.

Aaand then there’s Bulletoon. In case it wasn’t clear, Bulletoon is on a one-month hiatus. I’ve already basically covered this. But as a refresher, Bulletoon runs on seasons. Season 6 just ended and we’re coming up on 7. But before we launch the new season, we’re working on a few changes to the show. These include some visual things as well as some changes to the base show and some new formats. Season 7 will launch in June. I can’t say, for sure, when in June. But it’ll be June. That being said, it’s entirely likely we’re gonna miss out on some of Convention Season. But if that’s the case, we’ll cover the big ones in articles instead. As I mentioned last time, the season will be short (8 episodes at most, and that’s assuming it launches in the first weekend of the month) as the episodes will dominantly be very experimental. We’re really looking forward to doing some cool stuff with the show, coming up, so Stay Toon’d!

Social Media

Nothing to report. Same deal as last time. It’s basically just me on Twitter. If ya wanna say hi, feel free. I reply to stuff I find interesting, sometimes live-tweet Overwatch League, etc.

Conventions & Events

Second verse, same as the first. Nothing new on this front, really. All the same things as last time still apply. We’re looking at a few smaller conventions, coming up. But nothing decided just yet.

Site Maintenance

Also nothing new. We’ll hopefully be debuting a new banner in June. On to the next!


Aaand here’s where we always end up having the most to talk about. The schedule has been tweaked! Now that we’ve given the multi-review format a month to figure stuff out, we’re gonna be running with that one for a while. It gives me more to work with when there are episodes without much to comment on and does give me a little more time to do other stuff when I feel like it. Like, for example, a certain full-series review you can expect in a couple weeks.

Date A Live


As for what we’re covering, we have updated the list. Don’t get too attached to the days. It’s a list of the days you can expect things to come. But realistically, sometimes things will come out up to two days after the fact. Just to account for any real-life stuff that may get in the way. You understand. Some shows have been dropped, some have been moved to full-series.

Mahou Shoujo Ore (A) – Is It Evil?

Tokyo Ghoul:re (B) – Is It Evil?
Black Clover (A) – Flash Anime-tion

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari (A) – Is It Evil?
3D Kanojo: Real Girl (B) – Flash Anime-tion

Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari (B) – Is It Evil?
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (A) – Flash Anime-tion

Hakyuu Hoshin Engi (A) – Is It Evil?
Toji no Miko (B) – Flash Anime-tion

Hisone to Masotan (B) – Is It Evil?
Boku no Hero Academia 3 (A) – Flash Anime-tion

Nil Admirari no Tenbin (A) – Is It Evil?
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (A/B) – Evil Anime-tion
Cutie Honey Universe (B) – Flash Anime-tion

Series End Reviews
Seven Deadly Sins – Evil Anime-tion
Darling in the FranXX – Flash Anime-tion
SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online – Is It Evil?
Beatless – Flash Anime-tion
Golden Kamuy – Is It Evil?
Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai
Akkun to Kanojo – Evil Anime-tion

Dropped/Unable to Do
Caligula – Is It Evil?
Juushinki Pandora (A) – Is It Evil?
Tachibana-kan to Lie Angle (B) – Flash Anime-tion
Comic Girls (A) – Flash Anime-tion

And now you know our setup for Spring. Honestly, this has been a pretty good season, so far. Also, if you’d like to know our schedule for other stuff, we don’t really have one. All of our other content just kind of goes up when it’s done. We aim for Bulletoon on Saturdays, but other things we just work on until we feel they’re ready to go.


We’re starting to update the Patreon regularly again (as in, things will usually make it there the night they go up on the site). We haven’t started doing early-bird stuff there yet. But depending on the response to a few things we’re rolling out shortly, we’ll be getting on that either sooner or later. We’re still not gonna really be pushing it much. Primarily because we’re just waiting on a few minor aesthetics. Those cost money. (Gotta spend money to make money, yadda yadda). And one thing I’m certainly not is-

…I mean, I was just gonna say rich, but…

But we’re gonna do some soft-promo stuff. Nothing flashy. We probably won’t get into seriously pushing it until around June or July (which is about when we can expect the aesthetics to come in).

Discord Server

“Oi. Getting impatient, here…” Uh…

Still a bit of a work in progress, on this one. We’ve basically got all the basic stuff set up. We’re just ironing out some of the technical things and whatnot. It’ll probably be at least another month out before we launch that one. But realistically I’d say to give it two or three.

The Wrap-Up

And that’s basically the long and short of it. As always, I make no promises. But that’s all the stuff we’ve got going at the moment. As always, thanks for reading. Look forward to some neat stuff over the next couple weeks and, of course, more reviews. Oh, and to anyone questioning how I don’t have an Avengers: Infinity War review up yet, it’ll happen, but probably in a special form. I really need to watch it one or two more times. Short take: It was amazing. I walked out of it not emotionally wrecked like most of the world, apparently, but I also knew what to expect. Go watch it. But bring the Kleenex if you’re not made of stone, like me. That’s all, folks! Keep up the Awesome!

Take Care,
C. Voyage

Overwatch Boop


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