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Hisone to Masotan – Episodes 2 – 3 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Back to whatever this is. How Evil are the second and third episodes of Hisone to Masotan?

Hisone to Masotan
Studio: BONES
Genre: Magic, Comedy, Military,

I still have no idea what I think about this show. It’s just out there in an area that I can’t describe. Maybe by the next two episodes, I’ll figure it out. Anyway, Hisone’s career as a pilot seems to be off to a very rough start. After losing control of her dragon, she gets puked out in the hanger bay again. Here she has a run-in with the resident bully, Nao, again. We get an awful lot on Nao this episode, actually.

I’m a bit surprised at how much we got. Nao is the daughter of one of the dragon pilots. I assume that her mother is an ex-pilot due to the fact the pilots are younger women. We get a whole episode out of Nao being jealous, running off, and deserting her post. Hisone saves her from being kicked out and they sort of become friends. That’s where episode two ended.

Hisone to Masotan

The third episode starts very similarly, with a less-than-fantastic flying session involving almost causing a crash. She pushed something in the dragon’s stomach that made it go faster than she needed it to go. I still don’t understand how it all works. I’m just along for the ride, at this point.

After almost crashing again, Hisone has to help clean up the hangar. I’m not sure if that’s punishment or if it’s part of her normal duties. Either way, it’s kind of neat it’s a relaxed chore compared to the rest of her jobs. Then we get back to Nao. Nao is still not Hisone’s friend I’m not even sure if they’re truly rivals at this point. Their relationship is weird.

Hisone to Masotan

Most of this episode was dedicated to Hisone getting her TAG name, Hisone, seeing as her real name actually isn’t that. She isn’t just given the name, though. She has to earn it by flying in an airshow. You see, she kind of damaged someone else’s plane when she was flying earlier, so it’s her job to fix it. And fix it she did. The exact opposite of another protagonist I’ve been watching.

She got good real quick and flew that dragon and pulled off some impossible stunts. The audience even pointed that out but it didn’t really lead to anything. Oh, I almost forgot. Hisone found some kind of metal plate inside the dragon with the name Masotan written on it. Hisone quickly finds out that it’s the dragons true name. They made a big deal out of it but didn’t reveal why it’s important.

Hisone to Masotan

Why? Why is that important?

Overall I’d say these episodes were about as Evil as Villain (9). This show is enjoyable even though I’m still trying to figure out if I like it or not. If you want something with more action give CVoyage’s reviews for Toji no Miko a try. It appears to still be going strong. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
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