Nil Adirmari no Tembin

Nil Adirmari no Tembin – Episodes 2-3 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Wait, it’s a three-sided war over cursed books?  How Evil is Nil Adirmari no Tembin’s second and third episodes?

Nil Adirmari no Tembin
Studio: Zero-G
Genre: Romance, Mystery

Continuing right where we left off, we get a tour of the Imperial Library Information Assets Management Bureau facilities. Including the storeroom where they keep the cursed tomes.  It’s there we meet the caretaker of the tombs who can also see the auras that come from them. This leads to the question of “Why doesn’t he travel with the others?” If they need people who can see the auras, why isn’t he on their team?

Soon after Tsugumi settles in, she gets sent out on patrol with the others. The patrol goes on without any trouble except for an irate store owner who antagonizes the group. The store owner and the fact that they don’t find a tomb gets Tsugumi down. She feels unneeded because she wasn’t able to help. On their final stop, they run into a frightened store owner who thinks he has a cursed tome. Tsugumi uses her power to determine that it’s not cursed and goes back to feeling useless. Hayato tells her that without her there to confirm it, they wouldn’t have been able to help the now-happy store owner. She gets happier after that talk.

Nil Adirmari no Tembin

At this point, Hayato seems to be the only guy on the team trying to make a move. I’m not going to count the flirting bookstore owner in this equation at all. Anyway, the end of this episode showed us something interesting. A group is seen burning a book. All of them look shady and their leader is wearing a mask.

It’s revealed in the next episode that this group’s sole purpose is to destroy dangerous books. I assume they mean tomes but, with that loose term being used, it could be anything. The Imperial Library Information Assets Management Bureau – Fukurou, for short – save the tomes and store them safely while the new group is a lot more intense. They even named themselves after a fire deity. I guess when you burn books, that kind of name works. There’s another group, called Raven in English, and they’re responsible for the books that are killing people but nothing was done about that this episode.

Nil Adirmari no Tembin

The Fukurou group gets a lead, pointing to a possible spot to find their book-burning foes. Turns out it was right on the money a fight broke out to gain ownership for the book. Tsugumi finds the book but gets greeted by the leader of the book-burners. He happens to know her from a previous mission she was on and mined her for information. After trying to seduce her to the dark side, he leaves, burning the book in the process. 

This looks like it’s going to get interesting. We already have a three-sided confrontation with two sides actively fighting and the third hiding in the shadows while its creations kill people. They haven’t really said anything bad about burning the tomes so I’m wondering why it’s an issue. But burning books seldom turns out well maybe they’ll expand on it later on.

Nil Adirmari no Tembin

Overall I’d say these episodes are about as Evil as a Villain (9). This show has a lot of the things I like. I’m just curious about where they are going to take this. If you want to watch a romcom instead check out CVoyage’s reviews for Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii. It’s pretty fun. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
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4 thoughts on “Nil Adirmari no Tembin – Episodes 2-3 Recap (Is It Evil?)

  1. Karandi

    Book burning never ends well. I’m wondering if this anime will do something with its potential ideas or if the opening with the happy dancing cast is indicative of what it wants to be.

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