Tokyo Ghoul 2

Tokyo Ghoul – Season 2 Recap (Is It Evil?)

I finally remembered why I didn’t rewatch this season before now. How Evil is Tokyo Ghoul season 2?

Tokyo Ghoul
Studio: Pierrot
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Supernatural
Released: 2015

After an impressive first season, I hoped that this series would stay that good. It didn’t. Don’t get me wrong the action is fine and way better than the previous season but that ending was stupid. I’d forgotten all about it till I rewatched it. Anyway, let’s get this over with. Kaneki after dealing with Jason just leaves his cell and saves Touka from her own brother. Here’s one thing I don’t get about him. He joined the terrorist group to protect his sister so why is he beating her up now? He gets whats coming to him and then Kaneki joins the group too… What? He’s joining the ones that let Jason torture him. He’s doing it to grow stronger but wouldn’t fighting them make that happen faster than fighting humans?

After joining the ghoul version of the KKK, Kaneki commits multiple acts of terror with the group including busting a known human killing ghoul out of an armored transport. The last act he commits with the group scares even him. They break into a maximum security prison designed for ghouls only. It’s in the prison that he gets attacked by the guy he’s sent there to free. Rize’s smell once again triggers a violent reaction. Kaneki gets wrecked, worse than he has been before and kicked into a room full of ghoul bodies. with his injuries, he has no choice but to eat the corpses but there is a side effect.

Tokyo Ghoul 2

Kaneki goes beserk transforming looking a lot more bug like. This happened to ghouls who feed on ghouls and it seems to wear off or can be stopped later on. They never really explain how it works. Well, while Kaneki has been off making his friends look bad the doves have been tipped off that Anteiku is a ghoul hangout which wouldn’t be bad if they didn’t think it was part of the group Kaneki has been with all season. To make matters worse they are after the owner of the cafe because they found out who he is.

As the doves descend upon his friends Kaneki waits and thinks about his next move. I don’t really blame him though. The old man told him things about what was about to go down so he has a lot to think about. While waiting Kaneki gets an unpleasant surprise. Tsukiyama is back and he wants Kaneki to stay put. When Kaneki disagrees the two get into a slight spat.

Tokyo Ghoul 2

Kaneki wins the fight and arrives on the battlefield to save two of his allies from death.  Better late then never I guess. It could be a lot worse. He could order his allies into suicide maneuvers. Anyway, lots of doves and ghouls do die, including the owner of the coffee shop and a few of the main doves.

The terrorist group decides to jump in too which causes a lot more deaths on both sides too. And then the doves target Kaneki. he beats them down in droves but doesn’t try to kill any of them. He even saves a few when he’s fighting his “rival.” Kaneki even tries to talk his main foe out of fighting, but he’s forced to fight the guy till the death.

Tokyo Ghoul 2

And here’s when I start to call them out on their bull crap. After surviving the fight with his rival, Kaneki walks up to the dove camp with his dead/injured friend. Right when it looks like Kaneki will throw down with one of the higher ranked doves it cuts to after Kaneki has apparently lost. They skipped the final boss fight and the main character lost off screen. You can’t just do that to your audience. All things considered, it’s still about as Evil as The Dark Side (6). I wish we got that fight without it the ending seems like a comp out. If you’re looking for something new, check out my recaps for Nil Adirmari no Tembin. It’s a little on the strange side as far as first impressions go, but that’s not a bad thing. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob

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