Nil Adirmari no Tembin

Nil Adirmari no Tembin First Impression Recap (Is It Evil?)

Even I have to admit it. I’m intrigued by this first episode. How Evil is Nil Adirmari no Tembin’s premiere?

Nil Adirmari no Tembin
Studio: Zero-G
Genre: Romance, Mystery

It’s the 25th year of the Taisho Era in Imperial Tokyo. Kuze Tsugumi, daughter of aristocrats, agrees to be married to save her family from decline. But before she goes through with it, her younger brother Hitaki gets her involved in an incident caused by a “maremono,” a type of book that casts a great influence on whoever reads it. As a result, Tsugumi gains the power to see “aura,” a light that represents the emotions that dwell within a maremono. This is the story of a woman whose destiny seems to sway up and down, as if on the delicate balance of a scale. -Crunchyroll

Judging by the intro alone this show sounds pretty straightforward. And the first episode is, but they added something the description didn’t have. By having the Imperial Library Information Assets Management Bureau yes that is the name they chose for this group, hunting down a thug who is transporting a maremono or “Cursed Tome in the show.” Tsugumi the main character just happens to get caught up in the whole cursed tome thing because her brother owns one. Well, that and it makes him attempt suicide which attracts these guys.


Nil Adirmari no Tembin

Akira Kougami and Hayato Ozaki


These glorified librarians have the job of collecting the cursed tomes so that they can’t hurt anyone. They show up right after Tsugumi’s brother is admitted to the hospital. To inform her of what really happened and they find out she has the power to see the aura from the tomes. To make matters worse the poor girl witnessed the event that almost killed her brother and blames herself for it. Even after Ozaki and Kougami tell her about the tomes. Speaking of magic books, there have been a few anime lately with magical books. I kind of wonder if that trend will continue. 

You see she yelled at her brother before this all went down. He was upset that she was taking part in the arranged marriage that her father had set up to make their family wealthy. She actually pushed her brother and told him to stay out of it. She seems to think that pushed him to light himself on fire… Personally, the book made him do it doesn’t sound much better, but whatever it’s magic or something. While feeling terrible about what she didn’t cause she gets interrupted by another new face.


Nil Adirmari no Tembin

Shiori Tokinomiya


Tokinomiya is the one in charge over the other two that came to visit earlier. She has come to once again assure Tsugumi that none of it was her fault. Also “Please join my organization with the super long name that no one wants to say. ” Tsugumi does end up joining and that is where this episode ends.

So far I like what I’ve seen. Granted this could go any number of directions pretty quickly but it has a lot of potential here. In fact, it’s about as Evil as a Villain (9) so far. I hope this doesn’t go in a direction that I end up regretting seeing it. If you’re looking for more to watch this season check out our reviews for My Hero Academia. Looks like Deku and his friends are out to make the next two seasons awesome. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob



Nil Adirmari no Tembin

Hey, smile I like it so far.



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