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Well. The Spring 2018 Anime Season is upon us. We’ve revealed our list of coverage, so now all that’s left is to see how much we’re actually looking forward to any of it. Let’s do this.

CVoyage: Greetings, Geeks! We’re just going to get right into things by giving you each of our top 5 most anticipated series of this anime season. But. These lists come with a few rules, so let’s lay those out for ya, first.

EvilBob: First of all, nothing that’s carrying over from last season. Everything here is completely new or a sequel. So no Toji no Miko

CVoyage: No Hakyuu Hoshin Engi

EvilBob: HA! That wasn’t gonna be on here. And no Black Clo-

CVoyage: Dude…

EvilBob: Yeah…

CVoyage: Rule 2 is that we’re going to be alternating, here. He’ll give his pick, then I’ll give mine and we’ll reveal number one at the same time. So, without any further ado, let’s go.

EvilBob: You sure you’re ready for it?

CVoyage: …Yes?

EvilBob: I don’t think you are. My Number 5 is…

EvilBob’s Number 5 – SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online


EvilBob: Tah-dah!

CVoyage: …Explain yourself. Right now.

EvilBob: It’s Sword Art!

CVoyage: Not helping your case, here.

EvilBob: Without Kirito!

CVoyage: …Better.

EvilBob: Hey, I like Sword Art. I just hate the main character. So a Sword Art story without him? It could be exactly what SAO needs! Plus, if the description’s to be believed, it sounds like it might be a tournament arc! And you know what that means!

CVoyage: Hype?

EvilBob: No. Well… yes. Not what I meant. I meant there’s a chance the villain won’t suck!

CVoyage: You mean like literally all the other ones?

EvilBob: Shut up, Chris.

CVoyage: Hey, whatever, dude. I’m not the one who’ll have to regret it later. My turn.

CVoyage’s Number 5 – Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari

EvilBob: Well. Didn’t see that one coming.

CVoyage: I mean… it just… it sounds so ridiculous, how could I not want to see this for myself? A pair of guys in Butler cosplay, traveling through time and fighting evil. Come one. Like… really. Come. On.

EvilBob: Well. It’s different. It’s definitely different. The next one on my list is probably gonna be a little safer, though.

EvilBob’s Number 4 – Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

EvilBob: Not gonna lie. I’m hoping it’s something like Net-Juu no Susume. We just hadn’t had a show quite like it all Winter. So I’m looking forward to a nerdy rom-com between awkward people.

CVoyage: Hm… well… now that you mention it…

CVoyage’s Number 4 – Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

EvilBob: Well. Okay then.

CVoyage: Slightly different reason, though. Yes, Net-Juu no Susume was our top darling of the Fall Season-

EvilBob: Um… Mahoutsukai no Yome?

CVoyage: Our. OUR. I didn’t see that one. It was all you, dude. Now then. Yes, that one was our mutual darling of the Fall Season, but I actually have other reasons. Put plainly, I just love workplace comedies. All the better when you throw a romance into the mix for good measure. Which this one evidently is. I mean, one of my favorites is Wagnaria. It’s charming, it’s funny, it’s cute, etcetera. Though I don’t necessarily need there to be a romantic element, or for an existing one to be resolved. For example, I also liked New Game. So I’m good with whatever they do here, as long as it’s… you know… good.

EvilBob: Yeah. That part does seem like it’d be pretty important.

CVoyage: Little bit.

EvilBob: Case in point…

EvilBob’s Number 3 – Tokyo Ghoul:re

CVoyage: …What possessed you to put this on here?

EvilBob: Okay. Hear me out on this one.

CVoyage: …And now I’m concerned.

EvilBob: Well, you see, the main character “died” in the last season.

CVoyage: More concerned…

EvilBob: But he’s back in this one!

CVoyage: Concern still heightening…

EvilBob: Okay, it wasn’t a bad ending in the last season. He basically died proving that he wasn’t a monster. Which was his entire point. He wanted to show the humans that his kind weren’t all monsters.

CVoyage: So. Who collected the Dragon Balls?

EvilBob: Well, apparently he didn’t die. He just got amnesia.

CVoyage: The concern level is over 9000…

EvilBob: And now he’s some kind of cop, working for the humans.

CVoyage: You see, I’m not just your average level of concerned anymore…

EvilBob: I’m watching it out of morbid curiosity, okay?

CVoyage: Ya should’ve opened with that.

CVoyage’s Number 3 – Mahou Shoujo Ore

CVoyage: …Okay, now hear me out on this one.

EvilBob: Oh, this I gotta hear.

CVoyage: It’s just so dumb. But it’s magical girls, so it’s cool. But it’s really, really dumb!

EvilBob: Hey. Ya don’t have to tell me. I’ve already seen the first two.

CVoyage: Yeah, well… I do have… other reasons. Like I said. Magical Girls. And I am always up for just about anything that actually parodies the usual magical girl formula.

EvilBob: Well… I doubt we’ll be able to forget it. That’s for sure. But speaking of things that are really… really dumb…

EvilBob’s Number 2 – Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari

CVoyage: …Seriously?

EvilBob: Hey, it was on your list too!

CVoyage: …Yeah, at number five, not two!

EvilBob: What can I say? It seems a lot safer than some of the things on my list.

CVoyage: Since when do you care about “safe”?

EvilBob: Since you stuck me with Hakyuu Hoshin Engi.

CVoyage: …Fair enough.

EvilBob: And you know how much I love time travel.

CVoyage: That… can’t be it, though.

EvilBob: Well, no. Also basically all the same reasons as you. It’s just too stupid not to be curious about. And I wanna see if they handle the comedy well.

CVoyage: …So your barrier to entry… is how stupid something is?

EvilBob: Yes! …wait.

CVoyage: Oookay movin’ on.

CVoyage’s Number 2 – Cutie Honey Universe

CVoyage: Sailor Moon may be the queen of the Magical Girls-

EvilBob: And Sakura the princess.

CVoyage: Yeah, sure, whatever. All that may be the case, but as the genre is understood to this day, Cutie Honey is the Matriarch. Similar to how Dragon Ball is basically the Grand Daddy of Shonen. Though, to be fair, I’d also argue it’s still basically the king, as well. Sorry, Black Clover.

EvilBob: You’re not sorry.

CVoyage: Nope. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of actually watching anything related to Cutie Honey. So I’m really looking forward to using this one as a starting line and working my way back from there. Magical Girls are my third favorite genre, so it only makes sense I’m looking forward to this one.

EvilBob: And now it’s time for our Number 1’s. So. How we gonna do this? You reveal yours, I reveal mine? Or shall we do it at the same time?

CVoyage: Eh. We’re writing this. So it’s not like we can really time it.

EvilBob: Oh. Just gonna bring out the meta jokes on that one. Okay.

EvilBob: And my number 1 most anticipated anime of the season is… Boku no-
CVoyage: And my number 1 most anticipated anime of the season is… Boku no-

EvilBob: Oh…

CVoyage: Hm…

EvilBob: Um… Hero?

CVoyage: Academia?



EvilBob: Well.

CVoyage: Okay, then.

Number 1 – Boku no Hero Academia 3

CVoyage: Well, this was probably inevitable. Ordinarily, I’d be concerned about how predictable we’ve gotten… but screw it. Boku no Hero Academia is one of my favorite anime series to come out of the last few years. So excuse me for feeling more than a little excited about this one.

EvilBob: Yeah. It’s one of my favorites too. I’ve even made a tabletop game and all that. I look forward to seeing Deku’s evolution throughout all the series. I loved watching him overcome the limitations of his powers in Seasons 1 and 2. And now we have to see him learn a new style of fighting, which is gonna be great. I’m also wanting to see any costume changes he gets.

CVoyage: Eh.

EvilBob: …What?

CVoyage: I mean, sure that’s all cool, but it’s aesthetics to me. I’m far more interested in the actual growth of character, rather than abilities. Sure, the abilities are important, but what makes Boku no Hero Academia work most for me is the “coming of age” element it has and arguably does better than a lot of Shonen. Far too often is the main character fairly stagnant as far as character traits go. The fact of the matter is that Deku has to change as a person on top of, and in order to get stronger at all. Which is the best part. Seeing the person he’ll become. It helps inform the kind of hero he’ll end up being. Also, and I probably needn’t even say this, Uraraka is Best Girl.

EvilBob: …I mean… that does kinda go without saying.

CVoyage: Just wanted to make sure. Either way, I’m majorly looking forward to whatever new character development we get out of this season.

EvilBob: You and me both. Also, and this definitely goes without saying… showoff.

CVoyage: Hey, Bob.

EvilBob: Don’t you do it.

CVoyage: I’mma do it.

EvilBob: Don’t you do it!

CVoyage: I’mma do it.

EvilBob: Don’t-!

EvilBob: Stop that!

CVoyage: Nah. Anyway, we’re done here. Hope you guys enjoyed the list and stuff.

EvilBob: Thanks for letting us waste your time, people.

CVoyage: Here’s to an epic Spring Anime Season. Keep up the Awesome.

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy.

CVoyage: Take Care.

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