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Gin no Guardian – Season 2 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Well, guess there’s a season three coming soon. How Evil is Gin no Guardian‘s second season?

Gin no Guardian
Studio: Emon Animation Company
Genre: Game, Fantasy,

Okay, so this wasn’t the day I thought this would go up. This season picked up right where the last one left off. Suigin is finally getting the much-needed training he needs to become more than a noob. He gets thrown into the training with two other guys who are in the same boat, for the most part. Their instructor is a new face as well. But Suigin can’t help to think that they’ve met before. Anyway, The training goes pretty smoothly for Suigin, the other guy’s aren’t that smart. One of them gets one shotted by their instructor.

This is when Suigin starts to shine. You see Suigin can copy the powers of the first person to fall in a stage. It just so happens that the guy who got knocked out had wind powers. Get this, Suigin somehow figures out how to use this new power instantly. I found that weird seeing as he hasn’t mastered his own powers yet. With his new powers, he finds that their teacher is one of those losers he beat before.  Her name is Rin and the training ends with Suigin’s discovery. Then the other guy goes berserk and tries to kill them both, for some reason. After noobing the guy Suigin and Rin go to a festival to find one of Temujin’s minions Nishikaze.

Gin no Guardian

She has a mirror that can do all kinds of neat things. The first thing she does is use it to teleport to Suigin. Not going to lie It seems to not be suited for combat. Suigin’s copies weapons and abilities hers are more of a utility than anything. Anyway, back to the event they came here for. Precious, the evil organization that has caused this mess yet planned to use all the players to draw out the boss of the stage. That part of their “evil” plan works perfectly.

The plan is sound until the boss seeks out Suigin to test him. Apparently, the boss was created by Suigin’s grandfather. I’m convinced his grandfather was a god tier guardian before he died. That brings up something else I need to address. Why in the world did is grandfather let himself be killed? My only answers far are plot convenience or Suigin needed more motivation. It’s really strange that he really doesn’t do much protaging, things just kind of seek him out. At least Suigin has a plan most of the time like rusting the bosses blood… I guess it’s better than charge the enemy.

Gin no Guardian

The one thing that bugged me is that Suigin once again needing to be saved from another final boss. There was this monkey guy actively trying to kill Suigin and the most we get out of that is Suigin tanking one serious hit.  We don’t even get a proper fight because someone talks the monkey out of it. And that’s after the bad guy becomes a Titanfall 2 Legion rip off.

And that’s where this season ended… Looks like we ain’t getting a conclusion until season three. Overall this was about as Evil as The Dark Side (6). It was a significant improvement from the first season. I do wish they would just let him win against a final boss without needing help. There are plenty of other anime this season that are better than this, but this is still far from the worst I’ve ever seen. If you want to watch something with a little more to it check out CVoyage’s reviews for Toji no Miko. It’s been ramping up lately. Well, that’s all I have for you now. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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Gin no Guardian

5 thoughts on “Gin no Guardian – Season 2 Recap (Is It Evil?)

  1. Karandi

    Kind of glad I didn’t pick up this second season week to week. Though, I might have to binge it because season 1 left me annoyed but curious.

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