Ryuuou No Oshigoto!

Ryuuou No Oshigoto! – Episode 10 Recap (Is It Evil?)

I’m done, Ginko wasn’t even hiding it this time. How Evil is Ryuuou no Oshigoto! episode 10?

Ryuuou No Oshigoto!
Studio: Project No.9
Genre: Comedy, Romance

This episode once again proves that Yaichi is an idiot. Ginko was actually waiting for him to kiss her and he thought she was just teasing. Dude, she freaking dressed up for you before and she gets jealous when you’re around anyone but her. It’s pretty obvious that she likes you. The worst part is this isn’t why I’m calling him an idiot.

His matches against the best shogi player started this time. Why does that make him an idiot you ask? He seems to take his losses out on the ones around him. In this case, that means Ai. Oh, and it’s her birthday in the first part of this episode. All she wants from him is victory in his matches. But this idiot takes every last loss out on her for no reason at all.

Ryuuou No Oshigoto!

I lost, but how?

To make matters worse Yaichi has to win four out of seven games to keep his title. He has lost three so far. At this point, I don’t think he deserves his title or anything else for that matter. When this show first started Yaichi was kind of cool. Now he’s become the type of protagonist I hate. The whiny kind. What that does for me is I want to see him lose everything now.

This idiot needs to snap out of it. If he’s like this till the end I’m never recommending this anime. I’m hoping he will grow out of this. It’s just annoying when a protagonist does this. Anyway, Ai had her fair share of problems besides being blamed for her master’s problems.

Ryuuou No Oshigoto!

Ai had to face off with a strong opponent what after being yelled at. That match didn’t go well at all either. With Ai distracted by out of game events, she was easily beaten. To make things even worse her opponent was taunting her the entire time. I’m still pretty sure picking on a child is illegal in a game like this. Then again I have had been soundly defeated by grade schoolers in chess before.

I’m okay with people picking on Yaichi. But I wish they would leave poor Ai alone. He master is a moron she doesn’t need the extra stress of jerky opponents. What her’s did to her today would be considered cyberbullying if this was an online match. How people in this competition act is appalling. Oh, speaking of extra stress Ai fainted at the end of her match.

Ryuuou No Oshigoto!

Overall I would say this episode was about as Evil as a Politician (7). If Yaichi continues down this path the score will keep being lowered. One of the things I can’t enjoy is a whiny protagonist. It’s the whole reason you’ll never hear me say I enjoy Sword Art Online. And if this keeps up, I may be adding another show to my least of hated anime. If you want to watch something that hasn’t started to degrade over time. Check out my reviews for Mahoutsukai No Yome. It’s wrapping up soon but hasn’t lost any of the things that make it good. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
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