Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Episode 8 Review (Evil Anime-tion)

Akiho has something to do with all this? Whaaaat?

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
Studio: Madhouse
Genre: Magical Girl

EvilBob: Hey, look at that nice, shiny book she has there!

CVoyage: Wait. Bob. Are you telling me… that Akiho is involved in all of this?!

Chaika Shocking Truth!

EvilBob: Now, Chris. Have I ever been known to pull the wool over your-

CVoyage: …Dude.

EvilBob: Okay. Stupid question. But yeah! They’ve basically confirmed everything we’ve been saying, up to this point. Now I’m just waiting for them to reveal Tomoyo’s-

CVoyage: So the episode featured Sakura and Tomoyo visiting Akiho’s home.

EvilBob: …Rude. But yeah. Also known as Eriol’s old home.

CVoyage: But before that is a bunch of… well, nothing, really. Some stuff for sure. Sakura in cheerleading practice, for one. And, of course, more of Best Girl’s obsession with making costumes.

EvilBob: Matching ones, this time! For Syaoran and Sakura!

CVoyage: Which reminds me… *ahem*

EvilBob: Yeah. It’s… they’re…

CVoyage: So. Darn. CUTE!

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card


EvilBob: So. Heartmeltingly. ADORABLE!

CVoyage: Though one has to wonder what, exactly, Syaoran had to do that kept him from going to Akiho’s with them. I mean, we know Eriol’s told him he needs to keep his distance and not get involved. But still. Either way, that scene between them was just great.

EvilBob: And then there’s Akiho’s house, which… can I just point out a pattern, here?

CVoyage: Eh?

EvilBob: What is it with people in anime being fascinated by automatic doors?!

CVoyage: …That’s a good question. Anyway, here we meet Akiho’s guardia- Butler. Her butler, Yuna.

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card

EvilBob: Huh. You know, that’s suspiciously close to Yuno.

CVoyage: And sounds a whole lot like Luna.

EvilBob: Say. You think he might be-

CVoyage: Naaah. Anyway, from there they decide to visit the library… which looks suspiciously bigger, from the inside, than the entire rest of the house.

EvilBob: Huh. They do have a thing about clocks apparently… I wonder if this house is a Tardi-

CVoyage: They also have a thing about collecting rare books.

EvilBob: You’re not gonna stop interrupting me, are-

CVoyage: No.

EvilBob: Fine. Since we’re talking books, it’s really interesting how her family is into collecting books. And, apparently, she’s in Japan because she’s after a specific one? Makes you wonder what book she’s after. Like, maybe, a certain… tome? …You didn’t interrupt me.

CVoyage: Because that one wasn’t stupid.

EvilBob: Thank you?

CVoyage: Of course, there’s all the other obvious setup. Look at all the clocks, all over the place. Remind you of anything?

EvilBob: Gee. It’s almost like they’re trying to tell us something!

CVoyage: Again.

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card

*cough* I have no idea what you’re talking about…”

EvilBob: And then, of course, there’s the capture of the episode. It was… honestly pretty quick. Not even any resistance or anything. She just sensed the card, found it and… that was it.

CVoyage: A little disappointing, considering the title of the episode. I expected an elaborate game of hide-and-seek in a library the size of a baseball stadium. A kinda playful card, like the last one. Here she found it pretty easily and just caught it on the spot in one go. But I didn’t mind too much since the episode’s mission was basically clear from the beginning. TIME 4 SETUP! In full effect, really.

EvilBob: Speaking of which. Alice in Clockland, huh? That’s what you’re going with? Sure that’s not a little on the nose, there, guys? Even for this show?

CVoyage: They could SKY WRITE this for us and it’d be less conspicuous. Guys. C’mon. You don’t have the excuse of “it’s for kids,” anymore. It’s a direct sequel clearly meant for people who’ve watched it before. You don’t have to hold our hands. But, hey. At least Tomoyo still knows what’s important.

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card

Capturing the Captor.

EvilBob: Well, anyway, I’d say this episode was about as Evil as a Super Villain (10). It can be grating how blatantly unsubtle they’re being. Buuut the original was basically the same way. So I can’t complain about it too much. I just hope they let the series evolve a little more over time.

CVoyage: It’s a perfectly serviceable little bit of Easy Viewing. Not especially funny or action-packed, but it’s laidback, cute, and still pretty as f–k to look at. It’s not particularly boring. Just a bit… easy to read, if you get my meaning. If you’d prefer something with a little more nuance, go for his recaps of Mahoutsukai no Yome.

EvilBob: Or, for more Cardcaptor Sakura, check out Crunchyroll. It’s Simulcast over there, Saturdays at 8:00pm EST.

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card

“Oh! You’d like to watch Sakura-chan’s adventures too?! Aren’t they just so amazing?!”

EvilBob: That’s pretty much all we’ve got for you today. Thanks for letting us waste your time, people.

CVoyage: As always, thanks for reading, folks. Remember to keep up the awesome.

EvilBob: And keep it classy.

CVoyage: Take care.

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