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Mitsuboshi Colors – Episode 6 Recap (Is It Evil?)

These girls can’t be normal. How Evil is Mitsuboshi Colors episode 6?

Mitsuboshi Colors
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

Like most of the episodes for this show, this one started off with the girls in their base. Sacchan was reading another book. Oh no. If you remember the last episode the book she read then lead to an adventure. This book does too but it only takes up the first part of this episode this time. And amusingly enough this book is about plants that are safe to eat.

Kotoha points out she’s learned how to survive in preparation for the apocalypse or something like that. Sacchan suggests they train their survival skills by scavenging for plants around town and with that the group sets off. The girls eventually find enough ingredients to cook. And the results are…

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 12.43.02 PM


The cop shows up to scream at them for cooking in the park. Apparently, it’s against the law, but the girls are too traumatized by what they just ate to care. In the second part, the girls have decided to get stronger by taking care of their own weaknesses.  If you can imagine this part was pretty funny.

Yui was up first and Sacchan was pretty relentless in calling her out for being a crybaby. Yui promptly responded by crying.  Sacchan told her it was because she lacked dignity, so she gave her a fake mustache to wear. Don’t ask, I don’t know if she was joking or not. Up next was Sacchan who said she already knew what her own weakness is. “I’m just too cute.” Kotoha smashes Sacchan’s face with her 3ds trying to fix the problem, but Yui tells Sacchan her will problem is that she does stupid things. Kotoha’s weakness seemed the most unusual to me.  You see she sucks at…

Mitsuboshi Colors

Video Games “He Said It!”

Shut. Up. Chris. I know we share the same problem no need to rub it in this time. Anyway, the funniest part was Kotoha reaction to what was said, just look at her face. Now it’s time for the most disturbing part of this episode. The girls end up looking at a statue of a samurai I think. For one reason or another, they decide that his dog was a camera in disguise. How do they make these jumps in logic?

They head straight for the old man’s shop. I was worried because Sacchan was the one that suggested this little venture. My fears were well founded. The girls have the old man build them a camera car for their cat. Sacchan says something about taking pictures of panties… Why? What is wrong with you, child?

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 12.47.19 PM.png

With their camera car in tow, the girls set off to get awesome pictures. Somehow their cat knows how to take pictures, you know what? I’m not even going to question it. The old man ends up badly editing one of the photos so that the girls at least feel like they accomplished something.

It was just a fun episode. I’d say it’s about as Evil as a Killer Robot Army (8). Nothing got better, but it was just as enjoyable. I would like to see them solve a real case, I think it would be funny if they ended up beating that cop at his own job. I doubt it will happen, but it could be fun. If you like this show you should check out CVoyage’s reviews for Maerchen Maedchen. It’s doing something I think. Just go read his articles. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob

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