Mahoutsukai No Yome – Episode 15 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Not a lot from our main characters, but still interesting. How Evil is Mahoutsukai No Yome episode 15?

Mahoutsukai no Yome
Studio: Wit Studio
Genre: Drama, Romance, Magic

This was basically, what Overlord 2’s second episode should’ve done. We got two complete stories in this one episode. with Chise and Elias in the first story and Silky took up most of the episode with her backstory, But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get into the episode before I get too excited. We start off with Chise bleeding even more than she did the last episode. It gets so bad Elias has no choice but to bring her into the world of the fairies.

Chise wakes up in a fairy clinic to be greeted by a changeling doctor. Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds, just go with it. The nice doctor takes to a nice pool of healing water and tries to drown her. And now you understand what the featured image is. Chise fights her way on top of her doctor who then reveals the will to live in the fairy world can amplify healing. So, she drowned her to save her? I don’t get it. That’s basically all for the first story until later. Silkys story starts when Elias and Chise go to the world of the fairies.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 4.24.27 PM

We get to see Silky clean and redecorate the house while she waits for her family to return. We even see her daydreaming of them coming home any minute which was admittedly kind of cute. She even changes out the houses wallpaper using magic. That’s a use I never thought of. It’s refreshing to see magic not being used to fight or make potions for once, That’s one thing I liked about Black Clover too. Silky then feel asleep cue the flashback, please.

Silky was a banshee. That’s right Elias quite maid used to shout, a lot. Oddly enough all she does in the backstory part is cry and barely speak. Apparently, she was going to fade out of existence or something like that because the family she used to haunt is gone?  I’m not entirely sure how any of it works.  Anyway, she gets turned into something else and gets the maid outfit. Soon after that Silky wakes up. And after Chise is healed enough to get back home we got this adorable little scene.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 4.23.35 PM

Overall this episode was a little different from what I expected to see, but you know what? That was a good thing. It’s cool to see this series can surprise me with stories I didn’t think we would get to see. I would say this episode was about as evil as a Villian. This show has yet to disappoint me in any way so far. If you want to see more magical anime check out CVoyage’s reviews of Maerchen Maedchen. Just watch out for the first episode it’s not the best starting point. The rest of them are pretty good so far. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
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