How To Keep A Mummy – Episode 2 Review (Evil Anime-tion)

Let the cuteness flow through you.

How To Keep A Mummy
Studio: 8 bit
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural

EvilBob: So…

CVoyage: Yes?

EvilBob: Can I have one? Please?

CVoyage: No.

EvilBob: But it’s sooo cuuute!

How To Keep A Mummy

EvilBob: Don’t cry, Mii-kun! See? Ya hurt his feelings.

CVoyage: You have cats. You wanna find out what they’d do to him?

EvilBob: …I hate it when you make sense. Wait, why don’t you want one? No dogs or cats around you to mess with him.

CVoyage: You know the friend that Mii-kun’s afraid of, from the first episode?

EvilBob: Yeah?


EvilBob: Oh. Ooooh.

CVoyage: Speaking of which, that scene was absolutely precious. I especially love how Sora dealt with it. That aura scared me. He’s supposed to be the nice one. What was up with the sudden murderiness?

How To Keep A Mummy

EvilBob: Yeah. But still, Mii-kun warming up to the guy was just adorable.

CVoyage: I liked finally getting around to taking Mii-kun to school too. You know it was inevitable.

EvilBob: I am kind of curious about why he was dehydrating when Sora left him at home. Maybe he was crying a lot when he was alone? Though it didn’t look like Sora ever got a chance to let him drink anything when he did bring him. So I’m not too sure.

CVoyage: Can we just talk about Sora’s Expert Mode homemaking skills?

EvilBob: Oh, you mean like his being able to instantly make three stuffed copies of Mii-kun that look and feel exactly like him?

CVoyage: HOW? What IS he?

EvilBob: A mom?


EvilBob: What?

CVoyage: You know you’re wrong. You know why you’re wrong. We’re just gonna move on, now. So. Motegi. Not really a lot to her yet, but we know she’ll be important later, if the opening is any indication.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.43.06 PM

EvilBob: Still wondering where she’s gonna get the dragon.

CVoyage: I don’t rightly care, as long as she gets it fairly soon. I think the main thing that’ll keep this show from getting old too quickly is the addition of these other fantastical pets and seeing how they interact with Mii-kun and the other characters.

EvilBob: I guess I get that. Seeing Mii-kun trying to navigate the school was cute. I felt so bad for him when he was getting chased around by the mouse.

CVoyage: Yeah. It’s still a charming, cute, and funny little show. It’s not something that really has the healing power or riotous humor of something like Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon or whatever. But it’s steadily enjoyable Junk Food at best, Easy Viewing at worst. Relaxing, funny, cute, what more do ya need?

EvilBob: Yeah. Still about as Evil as… A Killer Robot Army (8). It’s pretty consistent. Haven’t found anything that really detracts from its being enjoyable overall. I am hoping they introduce the new creatures soon. Otherwise, the show runs the risk of slowly getting a bit less enjoyable as it goes on and inevitably slows down.

CVoyage: But if you’d prefer a little bit of intrigue to go along with the cuteness, try my review of Maerchen Maedchen, episode 2. An endearingly awkward teen, magic, a dash of comedy, and the power of friendship! Who knows? You may just dig it.

Maerchen Maedchen

Only you can prevent this adorable girl from crying.

EvilBob: Or, if you’re good with adorable pets doing adorable things, How To Keep A Mummy is Simulcast on Crunchyroll, Thursdays at 3:00pm EST. And that’s about all we’ve got for you on this one. Thanks for letting us waste your time, people.

CVoyage: As always, thanks for reading, folks. Keep up the awesome.

EvilBob: And keep it classy.

CVoyage: Take care.


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