Mitsuboshi Colors – Episode 2 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Well, it’s still absolutely adorable. How Evil is Mitsuboshi Colors episode 2?

Mitsuboshi Colors
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

I still have a lot to cover, though this wasn’t as funny as last time. This episode started with the girls chilling at the hideout. So basically the same as the first episode but without Yui rushing in with a mission. In fact, it’s Sacchan that suggest the groups next activity. She suggests they train by playing hide in seek to level up their hero skills.

During their “training,” Yui is it. As she searches for the others, they leave the park so Kotoha can get more street passes for the game she is playing. I know they say it’s a road pass in the show, but come on. It’s a 3DS. Anyway, Kotoha and Sacchan end up at a nearby station where they run into the cop from before. As it turns out, the cop is the antagonist this time. He gets the duo to leave the town by giving them directions to the best spot to get street passes.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.33.27 AM

“And they’ll never be the wiser! Mwahaha!”

Back at the park, Yui continues to search for her friends for three hours. She’s a trooper and doesn’t give up, even after all that time. She’s still a little kid, though, and does eventually start freaking out. But it took her three hours before she started to worry. Yui frantically searches as Sacchan and Kotoha enjoy the new area they have arrived in.

Yui now drags herself along, still searching for her friends. She looks as if she is about to give up, but then she spots the only person who could help. That’s right, the cop that sent them away in the first place.  At first, it looks like he might not help but then Yui hits the waterworks.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.33.54 AM

With Yui’s crying attracting the attention of people nearby the officer has no choice but to help her. The girls get reunited right after that. Yui lets them have an earful too, they deserve so much more than words. That’s the end of the first half, it’s not all that funny but still entertaining. it was funny seeing the cop trying to be sinister and getting brought to his knees by Yui again. I hope he never wins.

The second half of the episode is dedicated to the girls helping with cleaning up the town before summer break. They get this mission from the same man that sold them the rocket launcher. Almost as soon as they set out they find an area that’s roped off. The girls naturally go over the rope to explore. Kotoha thinks it might be where someone was killed, but they find no evidence what so ever.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.31.45 AM

The girls end up getting chased out of the area by some random guy who Kotoha says is the killer. This girl has issues. They soon find another roped off area… This happens a total of three times. They keep going over the ropes and getting chased off until. You know the last time I saw kids breaking the rules this much they descended into the abyss.

They come to one with only one entrance. They are once again cornered by the guy but this time we see why the ropes are there. The girls have been stepping on wet paint every time. The road know has white shoe prints from the girl’s adventure. After that screw up the girls try to help another way.


The girls settle on cleaning up the local lake, they call it a pond but it’s too big to be a pond. They have a weird plan to use some sort of noodles to clean the pond. They get the noodles from Sacchan’s mother who asks them what they are going to do with them. Ha, she knows her kid too well. The girls are told they can’t use the noodles to clean the water, so they search for another way to do it. Now it’s time for me to force a link to Ramen Daisuki-san because I have nothing this time. Well, at least this part has noodles in it.

They go to the body of water they want to clean to try and think up a plan. And then they run into Nonoka. She looks to be a middle schooler and the girls seem to look up to her.  They have a chat about how to fix the pond, lake whatever.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.29.15 AM

The collaboration leads to the conclusion, humanity must be wiped out. Well, that escalated quickly. Yui is partially upset with their conclusion but the other ones seem fine with it. They decide to eat the noodles that they were given. Yui notices that the noodles and the lake have some things in common. They both stink but people still love them. I don’t need to know anything else.

Yui tells the others they must give up on saving the lake. When Sacchan ask why Yui tells her it’s the only way to save the town. Somehow I doubt the town was in danger, to begin with, although they somehow know how to use a rocket launcher so… That’s the end of the episode. See what I meant by not as funny? This one leaned more to the cute sweet side of things and that’s perfectly fine. I would say this episode was about as evil as a Killer Robot Army (8). Overall this episode was enjoyable. If you want something a little more outrageous. Check out our review of Dagashi Kashi 2’s premiere. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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