Dagashi Kashi 2 – Premiere First Impression (Evil Anime-tion)

Yup. they still got it.

As Kokonotsu continues on his path to become a manga artist, Hotaru refuses to give up on bringing him to the side of Japanese snack foods. With new faces and new tasty treats to try, Kokonotsu might be swayed to take over his father’s sweet shop or finally move on from this small town and follow his manga dreams. – ANN

Dagashi Kashi 2
Studio: Tezuka Productions
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy

Dagashi Kashi

“Oh? Could it be you’re impressed with our triumphant return?”

CVoyage: I’ve been waiting for this. And consider all my worries put to rest. Dagashi Kashi is finally back, and all this first episode did was confirm a fact we already knew. God, I love this show. The new studio didn’t really affect much, at all. The show’s still big, bombastic fun. The cast is the same, the humor’s the same, pretty much the only change was to the art style. And now that I’ve seen it, it might actually be an upgrade, in some ways. Sure, it’s not as clean or crisp, but that style seems to give them a little more freedom to really push the animation’s absurdity, at times.

Dagashi Kashi

EvilBob: The shorter time didn’t hurt it at all, either. Actually, it might’ve been a good thing, in the long run. It makes the jokes have to be punchier and makes sure the insanity doesn’t overstay its welcome. You don’t get exhausted on it as quickly because there’s just less of it. I remember the last season. Some people (not uscouldn’t watch more than one at a time. It was that absurd. Hilarious. But exhausting.

CVoyage: Of course, Hotaru is still the best part (but Saya remains best girl). And she apparently has superpowers. I remember the first season. She doesn’t live close by at all. Yet, somehow, she can hear Kokonotsu talking about Dagashi from miles away.

EvilBob: And she can make it there in a few seconds… on foot. Kokonotsu… I think you might have a summon. Unless she bugged their house or something.

Dagashi Kashi

“We’re *pant* we’re back *wheeze* …baby.”

CVoyage: …you know, that wouldn’t surprise me. Even a little bit. I just love how she came running whenever Dagashi was brought up and tired herself out, every time.

EvilBob: And her energy drink if basically soda.

CVoyage: That girl cannot be human, having that kind of sugar tolerance. But let’s just get this out of the way – the ad portions.

EvilBob: Oh, so the whole show.

CVoyage: No… maybe. The parts where it goes into those ridiculously over-the-top narrations on the history of Dagashi. They’re just as charmingly witty as I remember.

EvilBob: They’re delightfully out there, and seeing her actually participate in them just makes it even funnier.

Dagashi Kashi

Here. Have this image, completely without context.

CVoyage: SO much funnier.

EvilBob: Dagashi Kashi 2 isn’t just a junk food ad in the form of an anime. It’s a giant junk food Superbowl ad in the form of an anime. And its premiere is easily as Evil as… a Villain (9).

CVoyage: It’s nothing be bad for me, and I adore it. This new season only reinforces that stance. It’s basically the epitome of Junk Food entertainment. Not revolutionary, but extremely fun and enjoyable.

EvilBob: And that’s basically all we can say, people. Not that we’re really doing it justice by talking about it. Still, if you’d prefer something a little calmer, more relaxing, maybe give our tag team on Hakumei to Mikochi a try.

Dagashi Kashi

“I mean, you know, if you wouldn’t mind…”

EvilBob: And that’s all we’ve got for you on this. Thanks for letting us waste your time, people.

CVoyage: As always, thanks for reading, folks. Keep up the awesome.

EvilBob: And keep it classy.

CVoyage: Take care.

Dagashi Kashi

“Yoshi! Operation: Season 2 Premiere was a total success! Now on to phase 2!”

9 thoughts on “Dagashi Kashi 2 – Premiere First Impression (Evil Anime-tion)

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  2. Rocco B

    I’m those weird ones where I enjoyed the first season a lot. 1st season is much slower but the quirkiness and charm is what sold it for me. That the characters (esp Hotaru) and the art. The second season is too fast paced and it puts too much emphasis on the sweets than the characters. And the new art direction…it will take time to grow on me. The 1st season did advertise sweets, however they were watered down. And not as bombastic as the new series is. Also it’s a short, not too happy with that.
    Good post over all.

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