Inuyashiki – Episode 7 Recap (Is It Evil?)

It seems Hiro won’t ever be a hero. How evil is Inuyashiki episode 7?

Inuyashiki Last Hero

Studio: MAPPA
Genre: Science Fiction

After the last episode I thought for sure Hiro was going to go full dark side, I have was wrong… again.  After killing over 50 people last episode – yes, over 50 – Hiro mourned his mother for a pretty good portion of this episode. If not for his high kill count this moment would’ve been more touching. At the very least he still feels human. I can’t make excuses for him though, he brought this crap on himself.

When he told his classmate that he was the killer I thought for sure “well, she dead.” He more than confirmed my fears when he took her on a flying trip. I’ll be honest even with his softer side, Hiro is a murderer. Even if those cyberbullies were jerks, killing all of them was… a little much. I thought for sure he would kill the girl and her grandmother. And then he promised to save people. This sounds a lot like what happened when he swore he would stop killing.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 6.10.32 PM

Whatever the reason for Hiro’s change, it seems it will once again be short-lived. Remember the police from before? They aren’t back, but the SWAT team is. It seems there’s a pattern that has repeated. If this scenario plays out like the one before, nothing good will happen here. I mean he could flip it by turning himself in. But I don’t see that happening. He didn’t kill any of the officers last time, so it’s still a possibility.
Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 6.11.29 PM

Regardless of the outcome, I doubt a peaceful solution, if it happens, will last very long.  I would say this episode is about as evil as a Killer Robot Army. I wonder how they will resolve this scenario. They could do the same thing as last time, but I think that is a little too predictable at this point. We will have to wait and see if this continues. If you like what you read check out an actual review.

That’s all I have for you today, Sorry this was late, but thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
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