Sonic Forces – Spoiler Recap (Is It Evil?)

Sega. True masters of the trolling arts. How Evil is Sonic Forces?

If you have read our tag-team articles, you probably read our Sonic Forces speculation piece. If so you know that Sega said someone was going to die. They lied. That being said, I’m relieved they didn’t actually kill someone off, although there was no ending scene showing Eggman’s survival for me. (I’m not great at platformers anyway.) Oh if you get the game, pick up the Episode Shadow DLC. It’s free.

Okay, so the story starts off with Sonic getting his tail handed to him by the mysterious edge-lord, Infinite. Infinite started off as a mercenary who was disgraced by Shadow when he failed to defend one of Eggman’s bases. Out for revenge, the mercenary obtained new powers from the Phantom Ruby and became what he is now.  And here’s where the story gets meh. He defeated Shadow and then helped Eggman take over the world by creating digital clones of people from Sonic’s past.


The thing is, he only wanted to get revenge on Shadow. Why should he keep going after he already got it? The only thing that sounds plausible is he got power hungry. That’s the only thing that makes sense. That’s not the game’s only problem. Some of the stages specifically Sonic’s (Classic and Modern) can kill a player with sometimes-shoddy platformer mechanics. This happened to me 4 times.

Now this game has it’s awesome stuff too, starting with the music. The main theme of this game is called Fist Bump and it plays every time you do a double boost alongside Sonic. That’s only the start. There are over 3 hours of music in this game. Sadly, Crush 40 isn’t involved. At least there was no mention of them in the end credits. There is one last thing that was completely awesome.



Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat…


The character creator. As you can see, I made a cat. Your character doesn’t speak a word, by the way. They do vocalize in grunts and other things, and their interactions with other characters can even be humorous at times. But they could’ve at least had one male and one female voice actor. My only real problem was I wanted to make her a tiger, but the stripes are considered Body Suits and I never got the color I wanted. I thought stripes for cats would be part of the customization for their skin, but I was wrong. I wonder if this game will get adapted to the new comics?

With everything so far, including Shadow’s episode, I would say Sonic Forces is about as evil as a Politician. It’s not the best Sonic game I’ve ever played, but it is light years ahead of a certain other Sonic game that shall not be named. I would recommend it to you if you want to have a quick fix of Sonic. The game is pretty short. If you like what you read check out our reviews.

That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob

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