RWBY Volume 5 – Episode 5 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Black is back with that all-new exposition flavor. How Evil is RWBY volume 5, episode 5?

Studio: Rooster Teeth
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction

This episode took us back to Blake. Wait, what happened to Yang chatting with mother-dearest? Anyway, Blake and Sun set out to recruit Faunus to protect Haven Academy. Their efforts are less than successful.This was pretty fun for the most part. Sun made this part for me.

Then there is this exposition dump about why the response is soo negative. I found this to be boring, It wasn’t bad information but it could’ve been handled in a way to make it interesting. A flashback might have been the better way to do it. “Show don’t tell,” and all that. Though flashbacks are also notoriously easy to screw up. This was literally the only part they just dumped this on us.  If you’re going to have an exposition dump, at least make it entertaining.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.22.03 AM

After the dump, we switch over to Ruby and Oscar. Ruby has grown a lot since her Beacon Days. When Oscar is feeling down, Ruby consoles him. Everything goes pretty smoothly and Ruby tells Oscar that he’ll be combat ready in no time. Penny’s line causes her a bit of noticeable grimace. Speaking of Penny, when are they going to rebuild her? She’s a robot so it’s bound to happen eventually.

Another pretty big development is that The White Fang is preventing news from reaching Blake’s family. Well, two of their leaders have. These monks also ordered a hit on Blake’s entire family because Adam said to. I have a feeling one or more of Blake’s parents are going to die. My fear of a Faunus civil war might just come true. I hope it doesn’t happen but the events so far seem to be leading to it. The monks also seem to have their own agenda. One of them said they could replace Adam if they have too.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 12.58.49 AM

These monks operate under the idea that everything is for the greater good, even if they have to kill their own people to save their people. That sounds familiar, where did I hear that before? I can’t remember, oh well.

This episode wasn’t all that great. It had some good moments bogged down by the immense exposition-dump. So I would say this episode was about as evil as The Dark Side. While I did enjoy the episode, the way the exposition was handled lost it some standing. If you like what you read check out our reviews.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob


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