Mahoutsukai no Yome – Episode 6 Recap (Is It Evil?)

Awww… How Evil is Mahoutsukai no Yome episode 6?

Mahoutsukai no Yome
Studio: Wit Studio
Genre: Drama, Romance, Magic

This episode started with Elias confronting the sorcerers apparently. They all had a nice chat while Chise was cleansing the blob. They implied something pretty dark, though. The male sorcerer was missing an arm. When asked about it, he and companion shuddered. I’m guessing whatever did that to him is a future plot point.

After they wrapped up stuff from the previous episode, Chise fainted again. Her condition does, in fact, appear to be getting worse. We learn later that she exhausted most of her energy and must recharge it. That’s when Titania, Queen of Faeries, comes in.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.31.11 PM

She and her husband came by just to get Chise, who was still passed out and has been for weeks. The King recharges her so that they can meet. They even throw in a nod about religion that was fascinating. Titania seems like a very caring Queen.

The King seems nice at first, but he’s a bit of an idiot. One of the first things he asks Chise is if she is scared of Elias. Normal enough question right? Immediately following that question he asks her how many kids they are going to have. If Angelica was there I’m sure he would’ve gotten punched, I mean just look at the collective response from Chise and Elias.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.31.56 PM

The most interesting things revolved around Elias. While the Queen treated him like her child, it appears most faeries hate his kind. It sounds like he is or was partially responsible for something bad that happened in the Faerie world. I hope we get more on that down the line. We still don’t know a whole lot about Elias yet.

We actually saw some affection between Chise and Elias this episode too. Seems like Chise is finally enjoying her new life. Elias even told her that he plans to save her life, and then we got that adorable hug. I would say this episode was about as evil as a Super Villain! If you like what you read check out our reviews.

Well, That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
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