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During a financial briefing, Bandai Namco said they would be releasing 3 exclusives for the Nintendo Switch. So now, let’s talk about it.

We have no idea what these titles might be as of yet, but we can speculate that they could be lesser known properties. After all, the Switch itself can provide an interesting way to play games. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of these games is brand new.

A new series wouldn’t be a bad thing either. It would be a fresh start on the new console. With the console’s multiplayer capabilities, I would love to see what they could come up with. We already got Xenoverse 2. If they made another Dragon Ball for the Switch, I would be down for it.


One of them could be a Tales game too. We have seen them do all kinds of things with that series. They even have a few mobile Tales games that are pretty cool. If they make an all new Tales game only for the Switch, I’m sure a lot of their fans would be a little ticked. So, I don’t see that happening. Though part of me is hoping for ports of some of their older games.

I would love Tales Of Symphonia to be ported to the Switch. That is one of the best if not the best Tales game to date. Imagine playing that beast of a game on the go. If that game could fit on a game card I would be surprised. It was 2 discs on the Gamecube. And it’s still one of my favorites if you couldn’t tell. (Chris Note: Ahem) …Okay, one of our favorites.


Whatever they decide to send to the Switch it should be interesting at least. There’s not a whole lot of their games I dislike. So for me, this is like Christmas, only I would have to pay when they come out.  You get my point. Anyway, They won’t be released until Spring and Sumer 2018.  Not much we can do but to wait for more news on which games these will be.

That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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