Amazon is Developing a Lord of The Rings Show – What’s On?

One show to rule them all…
Right, when I thought I was done with The Lord of The Rings this happens. Honestly, if this show turns out not to be awesome I might just cry. The said the show would be directly based off of the books.  Is this series a reboot then? Or are we going to see something before or after the events in the movies portrayed? I’m not counting Shadow of Mordor or Shadow of War, while I love those games, I don’t count them as part The Lord of The Rings cinematic universe.


I would like this to be more of a spinoff than anything close to a reboot. It would be nice to see the origin story of Sauron. That would happen way before even The Hobbit. I would love to see the nine kings of men before they got corrupted too. They could even lead up to the final battle we see in the beginning of Fellowship of The Ring.

I may be jumping the gun just a little bit. This series is still only in the negotiations phase at the moment. It also looks like it may be going to Amazon’s streaming service. I’m actually pleased they are planning on making a series. Even if this is a reboot, they will be able to stick much closer to the books with a series. Meaning, they can keep things the movies had to leave out and get rid of things, or people put in by the films.


I’m starting to think that, we did enter The Twilight Zone now.  Two of my favorite franchises may be getting shows. I have to be dreaming unless they both suck then it’s a nightmare. No word on who might be attached to the product just yet. Hopefully, they do it justice.

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