Inuyashiki – Episode 4 Review (Is It Evil?)

Well, that was basically awesome. How Evil is Inuyashiki episode 3?

Inuyashiki Last Hero
Studio: MAPPA
Genre: Science Fiction

There are two things that get me nervous in anime. Yakuza is the first thing. When you put Yakuza in the episode, I expect death, drugs, and possibly rape. And the last one was implied in the opening. After what we saw Hiro do, I was hoping not to see Yakuza at all.

After the first scene ended, I thought I was in the clear for things that make me nervous. I was proven wrong. We meet this nice, loving couple and they are just so in love. Yeah, you probably already guessed where I’m going. The second thing that gets me nervous is proposals. Almost every anime I have watched deals out horrendous fates to those who get engaged in the show. This show did it too.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 11.07.10 PM

Almost right after the proposal, Yakuza kidnap the girl. After all the things that have happened on this show I was sure Inuyashiki wouldn’t make it in time. Which he didn’t. What surprised me is that they subverted the whole thing by letting the kidnaped woman escape on her own. Of course, the Yakuza came to the couples house anyway. It repeated this roller coaster for awhile too. We even got to see Inyushiki’s apparent weakness, getting hit in the head really hard. For some reason that seems to incapacitate him. So he isn’t completely invincible. That’s… interesting. If he trained to fight, that wouldn’t have happened. Although he has improved a little from the last episode.

Inuyashiki really shined in this episode. He attacked the Yakuza all at once. Which seemed like a foolish move, based on my assumptions of his fighting skills from the last episode. Because Inuyashiki was able to track the Yakuza back to their base, he just flew there and asked where they took the girl. You know… Yakuza are rude. They tried to kill him again. And all he did was ask a simple question! those jerks. So Inuyashiki wiped them all out by doing… whatever this was.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 11.09.45 PM

Inuyashiki blinds all the Yakuza without killing them. (Chris Note: I call bulls—! These guys are BEYOND dead!)

He is scary when he gets angry. He still doesn’t seem able to control this completely yet. But yeah, they subverted the whole “let’s get married = death” thing, big time. After almost crossing the line a little bit. I pleased with this episode’s outcome.  I would say it’s about as evil as Super Villain. I don’t have a higher rating to give this thing. It surpassed my expectations completely this time. But if it’s still not your thing, maybe some of our other reviews would suit you better.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob


5 thoughts on “Inuyashiki – Episode 4 Review (Is It Evil?)

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  2. bmcenteecom

    Apparently the old man’s auto lock intentionally shot out all their eyes and targeted their spinal cords. Basically justice rains from above and I got you in my sights simultaneously. That’s what he meant when he said they’d have to live on with the help of others and not even be able to kill themselves. In a sense, Hiro is actually more merciful than the old dude was.

    1. theevilbob

      Sure, from a certain point of view. I was a little surprised at how brutal that was If nothing else it proved that even when he blacks out he still has some control as to if he kills or not.

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