CBS Plans to Return to The Twilight Zone – What’s On?

Are WE in the Twilight Zone?

Out of all the news we could’ve gotten, I didn’t expect this at all. CBS plans to revamp The Twilight Zone for their streaming service. The last time we saw anything having to do with The Twilight Zone was back in ’03. I’m not saying that season was good or anything, but it’s about time they try again.

I’d love to see what kinds of stories they could come up with now. My personal favorite episode is the 89th of the original series, To Serve Man. I loved the way they played around with the title, they made it seem like the aliens came to earth to be servants. But the truth was much darker and stranger. They got humans to volunteer to become food.


I wonder if they will try retelling some of the original episodes like they did in the 2002-2003 series. That worked out horribly the last time, but maybe this time it will work out better. CBS is doing pretty well with their new Star Trek so maybe there’s a chance for The Twilight Zone can make a comeback.

It’s been 58 years since the show originally aired. Think of all the inspiration that was unused in all that time, or for that matter in current times. Surely with the current political climate, they can find something fresh for the show. I want to see some stories about AI somewhere in there. With the popularity of drones and robots, I wouldn’t be surprised if that also serves as inspiration.


We don’t know much about the show just yet. But we do know that Jordan Peele will be the executive producer through his company, Monkey Paw, with Marc Ramirez as the showrunner. That’s all we have on it so far. I’m just hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a repeat of the 2002 series.


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