Dies Irae – The Episode 3 Review (Is It Evil?)

There are some anime that are gorgeous works of art… This isn’t one of those. How Evil is Dies Irae – episode 3?

Dies Irae
Studio: A.C.G.T
Genre: Action, Fantasy

After giving this anime 4 chances to be good, I’m out. I won’t be reviewing this anime ever again. This episode was as bad, if not worse than episode 0. They even messed up the school stuff with a time jump. The school scenes were the only parts that actually made sense in this show. Bravo, back to square 1. That’s where I want to leave this, but I’m sure Chris would scold me something fierce if I did. (Chris: Like you wouldn’t believe).

Let’s start with the abrupt scene changes. I have edited video. There is a right way to do scene changes, even if some of them are flashbacks. This series seems to just throw them in randomly to see where they stick and forgets to organize them by context. We have Ren and his childhood friend walking on a bridge one minute, then flashback with Kraft and Marie (the ghost girl), and later back to Rin waking up on a bench in the park. Go ahead, explain that logically.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 6.39.36 PM

The bad guys aren’t much better than the scene changes. After the first episode, with their death prayer, I thought we would see them killing a lot of things by now. Instead, they are slowly killing people to unlock Swastikas. Apparently, that unlocks powers or brings people back from the dead? It was really unclear what just happened. Oh yeah. And Kraft, the guy who was killed by beheading, is somehow a godlike figure now. We get a glimpse of him sitting on a throne in space.

The most frustrating part of this episode was Rin’s fight with his childhood friend, who was the killer all along. While it seemed she was under the influence of an unknown bad guy, she clearly had the power advantage over Rin. She even split one of his arms in half with an energy blast. And that’s where the fight fell apart. Using his busted arm, Rin absorbs an energy blast and heals his hand, leaving a visible scar. Still doesn’t sound bad, right? He then talks her down, somehow freeing her of the mind control. After that, Rin’s hand somehow lost that scar and he now has the same marks around his kneck that Marie has. Now my head feels like this.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 6.43.29 PM

Overall this episode was just one big headache. I still have no clue what was actually happening. This thing is supposed to have 18 episodes. It should’ve at least made some sense by now. Right now I would say this episode, no, this series is as evil as an Upstanding Citizen. Yes, I did just overwrite my previous reviews. I was being nice before, hoping it would get better. It’s still not the worst I’ve seen, but it sure isn’t a work of art. If you liked this review check out our others.

That’s all I have for you today. Thank’s for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob

10 thoughts on “Dies Irae – The Episode 3 Review (Is It Evil?)

  1. ntsang1406

    Kei (black hair girl) actually told that Ren was chasing Kasumi when she was killing people in episode 2. And it was also what he did in episode 3 before woke up at the bench.
    The true user of the power that Kasumi used was Ren. He absorbed it because it was belong to him, he had been sharing it when Kasumi. By did it, he got his power back, and Kasumi now is no need to do her role anymore.
    Also, how he could heal his splited arm, it was because now he is having power. How his power (and all another people are having it too) works will be explained.

    1. Karandi

      Maybe this will be explained later but just watching the first four episode I have to say this is an incoherent mess. There is no way for someone to have a clue what is going on.
      I kind of got the whole he absorbed the power because apparently it was his, but why he was sharing it and why she was using it and why it suddenly let him heal a split arm all just kind of flew straight over my head and left me wondering just why this story can’t actually ever just explain something in a way that makes sense.

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