Doctor Who Gains Three More Cast Members – What’s On?

That’s right, the 11th season of Doctor Who just picked up three new cast members.

They are Bradley Walsh (Law & Order: UK) as Graham, Tosin Cole (Hollyoaks) as Ryan, and Mandip Gill (Hollyoaks) as Yasmin. There is speculation around Walsh’s character being The Doctor’s new companion but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. It’s possible that all of them might be companions of The Doctor. We have seen that before in The First Doctor’s time. They may just go back to having multiple companions, but that might mean we will see some of them die.

Sharon D. Clarke is also joining the series. She is getting a “Returning” role that has yet to be specified. My guess is a villainess. My second guess would be that Missy/The Master has regenerated again. Though the second guess is probably just wishful thinking on my part. While I love The Master and The Doctor’s interactions, I think they gave The Master a pretty good end in the last episode.

Now, that the actual news is out of the way. We have ourselves a new Doctor, and she is not what a lot of fans were expecting. I will say it caught me off guard too. I didn’t think it would happen… this soon… in my lifetime. The Doctor becoming female is not even a new idea. The Master became Missy way before Peter Capaldi even took the mantle of the 12th Doctor. We’ve even seen other time lords do it. Another thing, Time Lords are NOT human, their biology is completely different from ours and more importantly… it’s a quirky Sci-Fi show… a British quirky sci-fi show. It’s gonna get silly.

Gender of The Doctor aside, there is always a stigma towards the new Doctor. When  Capaldi took over from Matt Smith fans disliked him too, at first. After a while, he became pretty well liked. I was among the ones that didn’t like him at first, and I have been watching since Tom Baker’s re-runs. Losing a Doctor that we like is never easy to get over, but don’t take it out on the new one.


I couldn’t care less the new Doctor is female. As long as she can play the part I’ll be happy. I do think we will see a side of The Doctor that was almost absent with Capaldi’s Doctor. I think the new Doctor might just show a bit more compassion and sympathy. The 12th Doctor almost acted like he forgot what those were, but it made sense with the stories they told. He was also horribly blunt. I personally can’t wait to see Whittaker’s take on one of my favorite characters.

The 13th Doctor Regenerates Christmas Day!

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