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And now a 300-word minimum of me trying really hard to contain my excitement regarding more Date A Live. Please enjoy.

That’s right, folks! The author of the original light novel, Koushi Tachibana, has confirmed that Date A Live is getting a new anime series! The wording didn’t exactly confirm whether a direct continuation or a spin-off, though the former is more likely. Personally, I couldn’t be much more excited, as you could probably tell. But the image that accompanied this announcement is what interested me the most.


I haven’t read any of the light novels or manga. But when it seemed like the anime was destined to go unfinished, I took it upon myself to do a little research into events that take place after its stopping point. And that figure on the left looks very much like a certain member of the AST. That gives me a fairly good idea of where things are going to be headed. Of course, it’s entirely possible it isn’t a tease of what’s to come. But why use this specific image, otherwise?

This especially comes as a significant pick-me-up considering how brief the second season was, to begin with. At only 10 episodes, hopes of more in the future were bleak. Date A Live is one of my preferred “Junk Food” anime. Not quite to the level of being a “guilty pleasure,” because I do think it has quite a few genuinely redeemable qualities that I normally wouldn’t associate with that label. Oh, there’s plenty to criticize. And who knows? Perhaps I will… relatively soon. But even so, as much as I love me some complicated and deeply introspective anime, Date A Live is more or less just the kind of silly fun show I adore. More like these, please!


C’mon. Look at that face. Who could say no to that face?

Aside from the announcement itself, there’s very little information. Assuming it is picking up where the previous season (and the movie) left off, we don’t know if the cast is returning. Heck, the entire studio could be different. We’ve already reported on such situations before, such as Dagashi Kashi. And that’s all leaving aside the release date and such. I’m really hoping for more information on this one soon. In the meantime, maybe I’ll just have to marathon it all again. You know. For reasons and stuff.

That’s all, for now. As always, thanks for reading, folks. Keep up the awesome.

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