RWBY Volume 5 – Season Premiere Review (Is It Evil?)

After a shorter break than usual, RWBY is back. So, How Evil Is RWBY’s Volume 5 Premiere.

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This episode picks up exactly where we left off in volume 4. JNRR or RNJR has finally arrived at their destination with Crow still tagging along. I’m still glad they didn’t kill him off, last season. I mean they love to kill off mentors in this show and I was… concerned. While I liked this episode, there is one thing that rubs me the wrong waya little bit.

This episode is nothing but buildup. While that is fine for the most part, some of the characters never got a payoff last time. JNRR had that epic fight and it took all of them to defeat that thing, but what did Blake, Yang, and Weiss get? Yang got on the road which was good. Weiss escaped her own house after gaining her summoning ability, also good. Blake got even more problems, seeming to lead to another showdown with the White Fang. That’s it. She really didn’t get a payoff. In fact this episode is still building on that. If the payoff isn’t awesome by the end of this season, they’re doing it wrong.

The art has improved, even from the last volume. I noticed the facial expressions seem to show a little more emotion. Some of the environments have gotten more stylized. They seemed to have changed the color of Yangs eye’s a little bit too. It doesn’t really effect anything so far. It may indicate a power boost or maybe she isn’t back up to snuff just yet?

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While we are on the subject of Yang. I’m happy to see her still punching first and asking questions later. It was funny to get a Goldilocks reference too. Overall the episode was okay. I would say It’s as evil as a Politician. Lots of fun moments but still needs work in some area’s. Don’t forget to check out anime reviews for the season. RWBY is streaming on Roosterteeth.

Well, That’s all I have for you today. Thank’s for letting me waste your time, people.

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