Sonic Forces – Speculation Round 1 (Scripted Gaming)

Chris: *looks up* Huh. The Sonic Signal. Wait… doesn’t that mean-

Bob: *crashes into the room* Sonic Forces speculation. Come on. We’re doing this.

Chris: …Did you just give me an order?


Chris: So I guess we’re doing another tag team… huh. Y’know, if we’re not careful, this is gonna end up becoming a Thursday tradition.

Bob: You have anything better to talk about?

Chris: *pulls up a list of all the better options* Well, there’s-

Bob: Chris. Dissecting Overwatch lore is a project for an entire week. You have that kind of time?

Chris: …Fine. So, Sonic Forces?

Bob: Yeah! Sonic Forces just got a new comic, Sonic Forces: The Moment of Truth, and it got me thinking.

SonicForces_Comic_MomentofTruth_Cover_1507582264 copy

Chris: Ooh. That’s dangerous. What about?

Bob: Everything! I mean, we don’t know a lot about the game, but we know enough to speculate about what could happen.

Chris: Like?

Bob: Well, what about all the villains in the game?

Chris: …

Bob: You… have no idea what I’m talking about.

Chris: Yeah, no.

Bob: Well, apparently the game features a new main bad guy called Infinite. We don’t really know a lot about him, but he’s this edge-lord looking guy in a mask, and he’s helping Eggman take over the world. Actually, it’s because of him that Eggman’s been as successful as he has been, so far. But one of the things they did was break time, so now Sonic’s allies are facing off against a lot of the biggest threats from across most of the games – Zavok, Metal Sonic, Shadow, even Chaos.


Chris: And yet still no Sonic Adventure 3.

Bob: Dude, I’m beginning to think you should just give up on that one.

Chris: Never. Anyway, how’d they pull that off? I know Eggman can be pretty stupid, but bringing back Metal Sonic after the whole “Metal Overlord” thing is, uh… it’s reeeally stupid. Extra stupid. A special kind of stupid. And Chaos even shot down his Egg Carrier. Oh, and Shadow isn’t exactly isn’t his bestest buddy in the whole wide world. And remember how Zavok was totally on Eggman’s side the whole time? I’m sure he’d be a swell ally. Seriously. In what reality does this end well for Eggman?

Bob: The reality that Infinite creates, apparently. That’s one of his alleged powers – Manipulating reality.

Chris: …Hax! I call Hax!

Bob: Yeah… the only way I can see this working is that Eggman has some kind of leverage on all of them. Maybe he’s captured all the Chao, and that’s why Chaos is working for him? I could maybe see Shadow at least going along with it if Infinite can actually manipulate time to bring back Maria. If Eggman’s controlling Zavok’s people again, then he could-

Chris: And the explanation for Metal Sonic?

Bob: Eggman’s an idiot. And speaking of idiots… who put Knuckles in charge?!

Chris: It’s that or the rebellion is led by a 10-year-old.

Bob: A genius 10-year-old.

Chris: Who’s afraid of thunder.

Bob: …Point.

Chris: And they did say that someone was gonna die in this. My money’s on Knuckles.

Bob: Knuckles? Why?

Chris: Because they put him in charge of a resistance movement. Unless your name is John Connor, that is always a red flag. Dude’s gonna bite it, and your character is gonna become the leader. It’s one of the most tired tropes ever.

Bob: Huh. That’s a fair point, but… I’m honestly betting Eggman.

Chris: …You think they’re going to kill off the only consistent villain this series has ever had?

Bob: Two words. Metal Sonic.

Chris: What about him?

Bob: Since when have any of Eggman’s “perfect weapons for killing Sonic” not blown up in his face? If Infinite is keeping Metal in check, then fine, but what happens when Infinite is defeated? Or just no longer values Eggman?

Chris: …Fair enough. Wait. Does this mean we could get that Metal Overlord/Perfect Chaos fight I’ve always wanted?

Bob: I… highly doubt that. But maybe. And yeah. Eggman’s gonna bite it. Of course, there’s always a possibility they’ll take a third option…

Chris & Bob: Silver.

maxresdefault (17)

Bob: Anyway, there’s tons more stuff to speculate about. Like where did Infinite really come from? And could he possibly be a better edge lord than Shadow?!

Chris: Dude. We do not have time for all that.

Bob: Fine. But I’m always up for Sonic talk. We can always come back to it later.

Chris: I didn’t say that…

Bob: So I guess that’s all for now, people.

Chris: Oh. Being ignored.

Bob: Thanks for letting me waste your time.

Chris: And mine.

Bob: Keep it classy.

Chris: Take… care?

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